Wrecking Ball Album Review by Bruce Springsteen

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The Wrecking Ball album is music work from the famous American singer & songwriter Bruce Springsteen widely known as “The Boss”. He is also a multi-instrumentalist who is widely attributed for his precious contribution to the world of rock music. Bruce has a dazzling career as a rock singer for more than 20 years and has & still is contributing amazingly in the world of rock music with his music pieces. Bruce recently released his new rock music album with the name “The Wrecking Ball”.

Bruce Springsteen

Here are the reviews for the album The Wrecking Ball by Bruce Springsteen.

Wrecking Ball is not the best of the music created by Bruce Springsteen. This album neither got critical acclaim nor did audiences accept it fully. This album is actually one of the most confrontational, inconsolable and musically tumultuous album Bruce has ever made in his career. This is his 17th studio album in his bright career but the album failed to impress the audience, his fans as well as critics.

Bruce attacked the hypocrisy; corruption & greed present in America with this album and that too in a straight forward approach. The music is more of protested nature and is quite different from his regular music. The majority of songs appear as emotions of a man who has got betrayed not once but many times. Especially the first half of the album seems as if it has been crafted by Bruce to portray his protest against several things only. This album does not appears to be a treat for music lovers.

If you go through all the songs of the album, you can easily depict one thing – Bruce is quite angry throughout the album and is accusing big time in all of his songs & that too with a mere grave reason till the point of complete fatigue. The songs, music and lyrics portray America as a seared earth completely razed out by greedy & profiteers. America is suffering heavily from disgraceful erosion in terms of democratic values and this theme is portrayed deeply by “This Depression”, “Shackled and Drawn” and also by “We Take Care of Our Own”.

The last mentioned song “We Take Care of Our Own” is so outfitted with ideas of abandonment and mutual blame that hardly there would be a person ready to touch it again. But “Jack of All Trades” is one song that actually represents the worst type of Bruce’s frustration. This specific song is enormously filled with music of slow & weighed down moaning piano.

Well this album can work well for election years by opposition party. But for a music lover it is awesome if you want to have enthusiasm for a big protestation against your country’s law and government since it does revolve around the government, the corruption, the anger against greed and hypocrisy etc all the time. But for Bruce’s fans, hardcore fans specially; the album leaves them with one single question, “Why Springsteen Why?”

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