Wedding Photographs – How to Ensure the Married Couple Get Photos That Will Last a Lifetime

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They say your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, so it’s essential that you get an array of fantastic photographs that help you remember every minute of it.

From getting ready in the morning, to walking down the aisle, the speeches, and boogying the night away, you want to ensure that the married couple ends up with amazing photographs that will last a lifetime. You need photographs that capture every moment of the wedding, images that you can show your children and maybe even grandchildren one day.

Ensuring that you get the best variety of photographs possible is very easy. Below is a short guide explaining the simple steps you need to take to make sure the bride and groom are left with the perfect keepsake wedding photo album. 

Traditional Wedding Photographs

Traditionally, after the wedding ceremony has ended, there is a time for wedding photographs to be taken. These are the formal photographs that will make up the largest section of the wedding photo album.

These photographs usually include pictures of the bride and groom alone, the couple with the bride’s immediate family, then with the groom’s, and also pictures with the bridesmaids, groomsmen, grandparents and different friendship groups. For example, a couple may want a photograph with all of their friends from university.

Prior to the wedding, it’s a great idea to make a list of all of the photographs you want to be taken during this time, and hand that list to the photographer. This ensures that every possible picture you might want is covered and then the bride and groom are happy with the end photographs. This is a simple and easy way to make sure that the married couple end up with fantastic images that will last a lifetime.

An image capturing a wedding photographer taking a photo of the bride on her big day

An image capturing a wedding photographer taking a photo of the bride on her big day

Writing a List

As well as the traditional photograph time after the ceremony, many couples also want other specific shots to complete their wedding photo album or scrapbook.

Some of the most popular shots include: the bride walking down the aisle with the father, the exchanging of the rings, the first kiss, throwing of confetti, the wedding car that takes the couple to the reception venue, the speeches, and the first dance.

If you want to create the perfect wedding photo album it’s a great idea to sit down before the big day and write a list of the types of photographs you want to complete the album. These might include some of the shots mentioned above, and other ones you may also want.

Having a Photo Booth

Another wonderful way to create an amazing wedding photo album that will last a lifetime is by having a photo booth at the event. It’s really great having the typical wedding photographs, but also having spontaneous shots that your guests choose really adds a little extra individuality to an album.

Photo booths allow guests to come and go as they please and take exciting and unusual wedding photographs. You may even choose to have a box of fancy dress props outside of the photo booth so that people can take even sillier and funnier pictures.

Having a white board, or chalk board, is a particularly good idea when it comes to photo booths, as it allows guests to write personal messages and have their picture taken with those. Photo booths add a bit of extra sparkle to a wedding photo album and capture the natural fun of the event; they are definitely images that will last a lifetime.

A great example of a wedding photo booth image with fancy dress and a chalkboard for guests to write on

A great example of a wedding photo booth image with fancy dress and a chalkboard for guests to write on


Your wedding only lasts one day, so if you don’t get the photos you want, there’s no going back. If you think about the images you might want before the wedding and inform the photographer, as well as possibly hiring a photo booth, you are sure to get the perfect wedding photo album, full of fantastic pictures that will last a lifetime.


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