Top Tips for Buying a Hot Tub

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First you will need to figure out what kind of hot tub you want to buy. The two main types of hot tubs are the portable and permanent hot tub. A portable tub sits above the ground and is self-contained while the permanent hot tub is built into the ground. You should purchase a hot tub with a small holding capacity if you don’t entertain often but get a larger hot tub if you plan to let guests use the tub while visiting. Those who want to get massage therapy in the hot tub would get a hot tub that has a high amount of jets in it.

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Tips on Buying Portable Hot Tubs

Choose a portable hot tub that is well insulated with foam because when you have the right insulation, the heat stays in the tub and is less likely to escape. A good portable hot tub should also have a circulatory pump because this filters out the impurities in the water. The voltage should be between 220 and 230 because this gets the water hot faster than lower voltage portable tubs.

Consider Your Budget

You’ll have need to consider your budget although you should never sacrifice quality for affordability. The average hot tub can cost between £2000 and £10000 depending on the company you buy it from. To get the hot tub on a budget, you can visit different stores and compare prices so that you will get the best deal.

Advice from Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau says that when choosing a hot tub, you want to pick one that is made of the best materials. Redwood-manufactured hot tubs are ideal because they do not decay quickly and it swells nicely for water tightness. Cedar hot tubs do not last as long as redwood hot tubs but they are resistant to decay. A good hot tub should come with a one-horsepower motor and should come with accessories to help you test the water periodically for cleanliness.


A hot tub offers mental relaxation from the stresses of the day and it offers relief from the symptoms of joint illnesses such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and spinal cord problems that cause muscle aches and spasms. You want to make sure you buy a hot tub that you will feel comfortable in so don’t hesitate to check out reviews online, see what other hot tub owners are saying about their hot tubs.

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