Top reasons why water is the best health drink

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It is impossible for a living being to survive without water. It is one of the most fundamental requirements for all living beings. A large number of people do not realize the importance of drinking plenty of water through the day. Health experts suggests, adults should drink about 10-12 glasses of water in a day. Water not only helps you keep sufficiently hydrated but also it helps in eliminating the toxic substances of the body.

Talking about the health befits of drinking, the number can run in hundreds, quite literally. The top benefits of drinking sufficient amount of water are discussed below:

Healthy joints

Drinking plenty of water through the day is one of the best ways to keep your joints lubricated in a natural way. This in turn has a tremendous effect on keeping the joints flexible and agile. Joints that are lubricated well function smoothly. People who drink water regularly are less prone to suffering from joint aches that people who do not drink water.

Good for brain cells

Research has proved that brain cells that have plenty of water are able to pump fresh and oxygen rich blood more easily. If your body is sufficiently hydrated, your brain too remains fresh and alert for a longer time. Even a slight drop in the drinking water level in the body can hamper the brain’s efficient performance. This in turn can have a drastic implication on the productivity levels of the person.

Keeps your body cool

This is another important benefit of drinking water. It helps in maintaining your body temperature at the right level. The increase or decrease in the body temperature greatly depends on the water levels in your body. Ideally, the body temperature should be at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When you sweat, your body cools down; however, sweat reduces the water content in your body. You need to therefore drink lot of water to keep yourself sufficiently replenished.

Good for skin

Although, it would be hard for anybody to develop the habit of drinking water at regular intervals initially, once you get into this habit you would definitely notice positive changes in your body. One of the immediate changes that you would notice is the way your skin looks and feels. If your body is well nourished with water, the skin becomes smooth, soft and supple. You get that natural radiance. Dermatologists suggest people with skin problems like acme or pimples to drink lots of water. This is because water is a wonderful remedy to cure skin problems.

Promotes easy digestion of food

The water content in the body helps in clearing out the toxic substances from the body. If you have the habit of drinking habit regularly, rest assured you are 45% at less risk in getting colon cancer. Some researchers have also suggested that women who drink large quantities of water through the day, it greatly reduces the risk of getting affected by breast cancer. Men who drink plenty of water through the day are at 50% less risk in contradicting bladder cancer than people who do not drink much water.
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