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Social media branding and promotion has largely been the mainstay of FMCG, entertainment and other more popular sectors. Easy to understand content that gives social media audiences something to relate to – this is where branding on social media excels.
On the other hand, real estate is a very complicated topic, with finances, math, market dynamics, industry and business woven in, and many new concepts, regular changes in legislation and policy, and a variety of regional and national changes that are part of the picture.
However, that does not mean social media is totally irrelevant –strategic communication on channels like Facebook and Twitter can in fact enhance your search for buyers.

Be consistent about your sales efforts
While you will not get Likes and the Shares with the speed and volume that a local café will, your point is to identify and broadcast to a very select group of people – real estate buyers and investors.
They need to see you as a consistent, regular, well organized and credible entity, and you can do this through regular, well timed and engaging posts, and following up on queries and comments on the page.

Be Sale Centric
While social media branding is often accused of pushing a brand too hard, literally shoving it onto Facebook timelines and ads, real estate is a different market. People are not only keen to buy, but keenly searching for reasons to invest in your properties – give them a good reason to, and you can achieve conversion from fans to real buyers. Use the social space to post testimonials, photos of previous sales, properties, perhaps a few well made videos of your properties, or events where you can be seen (if organized)
Always give contact information for everything – put phone numbers and email addresses in posts and updates.

Use Location-based social media strategy

The newly introduced hashtags on Facebook, along with previous location services on Facebook gives you an easy way of ensuring that you tap into your location. Attend local events and tag yourself or youe company’s name, answer real estate from the queries posted on a Facebook page or group of your local community – essentially be seen as much as heard.

To generate even more local appeal, follow websites that offer local recommendations on the best places – pubs, nightclubs, cafes  – and use ones near your properties to give people more of a reason to seal the deal. No one wants to live or work in what is a desert in terms of places to eat and explore – and culturally thriving communities often have higher real estate buzz than their lesser visited counterparts.

This also sets you apart from your competitors – your job is to stand out in the local community, and you can easily make the effort to find out more about the area. Research is free, and will clearly pay off if you can woo potential buyers through your knowledge of the area.

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