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If you are throwing a large party soon, you should implement a plan to entertain your guests. This can be a challenge for some people, especially if they aren’t sure how to entertain effectively, or if they don’t know what foods to serve. Here are six tips to follow if you want to entertain your guests and have them talking about your party for years to come.


Involve Guests with Food

One way to get people talking and to have them enjoy your party is to provide food. People love to eat, and you should provide appetizers that everyone will enjoy. Make the kitchen the focus of the party if you want to keep people in the kitchen area.

Consider purchasing several bottles of wine to serve to your guests. Depending upon the theme of the party, you can find a wine selection to fit the occasion. Pair your wine selection with the appetizers to bring out the taste of the foods. If you want to get your guests involved with the food, ask a few of them to bring salads and different appetizers. This is a fun way for your guests to show off their cooking skills too.


To have a fun party, create a theme for your guests. This can be enjoyable for everyone as they can show up dressed a certain way. A theme can set the mood for the entire party, and it makes it easier for you to come up with proper food and games.

Outdoor Environment

For a summer party, take your guests outside. You will need to take the time to manicure your yard to make it look nice. A fun outdoor party should include a large bonfire or a fun seating area for people to gather and talk with one another. The fun thing about a bonfire is that you can do enjoyable activities like roasting marshmallows, or have your guests relax around the ambiance of the fire.


No party is complete without some music. Depending upon the party you are hosting, you can have loud music with a DJ, or you can play something mellow to set an elegant mood. Music is a great way to lighten the atmosphere, and helps people to relax and talk with each other.


If you want to host a successful party, clean your house. You’ll want to take the time to make the home clean and fresh by removing excess clutter. Have plenty of seating for your guests to relax and enjoy one another’s company. Not only do you want to focus on cleanliness, you should add a nice fragrance to your home, with a wax burner or reed diffuser to give it a pleasant smell.


A fun way to help your guests relax and enjoy the party is by having some games for them to play. Games are fun, and they also help to break the ice when you have new people meeting each other. A game night is fun for a casual setting, particularly if you want to see your friends jump up and down and show their competitive nature.

This article was written by Jules Parmer, hostess extraordinaire.  She loves hosting parties and also blogging about it.  Jules recommends a visit to Antica Farmacista before your gathering to provide the right fragrance for your home.

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