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Change in seasons come with changes in the atmospheric conditions. The skin just like any living organ also undergoes fundamental changes as well. This can affect the nature of the skin necessitating a deliberate procedure of handling it if it is to maintain its healthy status. Whether in autumn or summer, the glowing and radiant nature of the skin can be maintained. Being the largest organ in the body, the skin is necessary for the removal of body impurities through sweat. Control and harmonization of body temperatures is also among the integral tasks of the skin.

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As the first line of defense between the interior and exterior surroundings, the skin endures a variety of things including exposure to stress and pollution. Taking good care of the skin therefore does not only maintain its beautiful appearance but also helps it stay healthy and last longer. Taking care of our skin entails a number of basic steps which are easy to follow and execute. These are:


Skin moisturizing is a very popular practice and a recommendation of most dermatologists. Beside hydration, other benefits of moisturizing include; keeping the skin supple, smooth and plump. When moisturizing, what should be kept in mind is the choice of moisturizers. While many companies have flooded the market with a variety of chemicals, the choice of moisturizers should be guided by the chemical content and the effects these have on the skin. Moisturizers rich in oils, antioxidants and botanical butters are often considered the best when it comes to skin moisturizing. When moisturizing, it is recommended that you be gentle with the skin and that you use circular upward movements when cleaning the face.


Due to the exposure of the skin to various conditions, it is common that you may find dead skin cells forming on the skin surface. This is not desirable and exfoliation treatment is aimed at removing the dead skin to give it a supple and smooth feel. Research has revealed that our skin regenerates once in 28 days for the rest of our lives. Manual exfoliation therefore is a boost to this regeneration process. Manual exfoliation employs ingredients such as ground coffee, sugar, walnut shell powder and salt to achieve a deep skin cleanse. In addition to enhancing the appearance of the skin, exfoliation also stimulates the lymph and blood circulation which ultimately helps to increase cell regeneration.


The skin pores become blocked with dirt when the skin is exposed for longer periods of time. Bathing is essential in cleaning the skin which also goes a long way to prevent infections and more so acne. The choice of the cleanser is as important as the process of bathing. The pH of the cleanser should be mild as most skins react with high pH cleansers. Circular upward motions should be used when cleaning the face and lukewarm water should be used for rinsing. Shower gels have become common supplementing shower creams which are normally used when cleaning the whole body. Always ensure that you dry your body thoroughly.

Drinking Water

Water is a necessary and critical ingredient to a healthy skin. If you want a smooth, plump and radiant skin then taking of water should be top on your priority. If it happens that you do not have access to adequate clean water, experts’ advice that you try eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  Foods like melons, tomatoes and grapes have high levels of water content necessary to give your skin the fluid dosage needed for the day.


Your body needs to relax and an excellent way to do this is through a body massage. The stress and strain of everyday life makes the body grow weak and muscles overstretched. The feeling of calm and rest are vital fro the regeneration of the body and muscle tissues. Massage treatments benefit every organ of your body including the skin. The effect of a massage on the skin includes a supple feel and a soft appearance. Massage comes in different techniques and it is advisable that you explore the available options that suit you and your lifestyle.

The steps mentioned here though not conclusive can go a long way in improving your skin appearance enabling it to fulfill its functions without compromising on its health conditions.

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