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Growing faster than many other metropolitan areas around the country, Midtown Miami has not only become a tourist’s haven, it’s become the locals’ go-to source for things to do.  From decorating cakes to chasing ghosts around Halloween, there’s never a dull moment around this Florida city.  We now examine the ten best things to do around the Miami district of Midtown.

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Art Walk

This event usually takes place every second Saturday of the month and features both local and national artists who display their canvas or oil paintings, along with various crafts.  Many of these items are always for sale.  Because shopping is integral, Jurgen Klanert who is the CEO of offers his praise for how Miami has become an excellent place to shop – even online for his goods.


Perhaps the finest café within the city, Carrals’ Café offers simplistic luncheons and is actually the student café located inside Miami International University.  Yes, it’s just that popular to make a top ten list.

Club Space

Midtown Miami’s go-to dance club where techno, house and trance mixes are prevalent, Club Space has made their name internationally known for their dress code, drink specials and excellent choices of DJ’s always spinning the finest tunes around.   Many great VJ’s have also gotten their start from this club.

Metropolis Fitness and Spa

For those wanting physical fitness added to their repertoire of daily activities can enjoy the finest spa and fitness club in Florida by heading to Metropolis.  Kid’s, women’s and other cross-fit classes are available, and memberships are affordable.  Definitely a huge part of Miami day life while being located near many downtown condos for easy health club access.

White Room Nightclub

This transcultural club features different musical tastes, upscale dress codes and reasonably priced cocktails.  Nightclub photographers often frequent the White Room simply for its décor and overall calm nature.  This nightclub has been featured in many magazines and continues to draw rave reviews.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Within the Arts District of midtown Miami you’ll find the Latin style of cuisine mixed with interior decorations unrivaled by many competitors.  Chef Miguel Aguilar runs the kitchen show, and many great dining memories have been made within the confines of this art deco-influenced restaurant.

Real Film Cinema

Established in 2010 and one unusual theatrical experience, the Real Film cinema offers live shows as well as cinematic displays while offering families and couples something fun to do on weekends.  Not many live cinemas exist in Florida yet Real Film has become the source for live productions and other theatrical performances for two years running.

Luxurious 4 Midtown Condos For Sale

The floor plans which new condo buyers seek needs to exceed the pricing being asked of these units and 4 Midtown definitely offers more than the price tag suggests.  With plenty of SOHO appeal, perfect views of the ocean and pleasant folks surrounding each unit, there is much to be proud of when choosing this community as your next living arrangement.  We now examine some of the interior and exterior features of this posh upscale condominium community which has been dubbed ‘Little New York’.

Exterior Features

With customizable finishes and plenty of excellent features surrounding the building, one notices the rooftop views which enable Downtown activities to be seen from afar.  Panoramic views of the Bay area and opportunities to sunbathe line the interior chambers of the yard.  Twenty four hour security indemnifies the owners against intrusions while hot tubs, sauna and steam room access make comfortable living much too easy.  Covered parking is assigned to each owner or tenant at 4 Midtown while concierge service and valets are on hand to park your vehicle with care.

Interior Features

All units are prepared for our technological generation as they have Wi-Fi-prepped rooms and prewiring for hi-speed landline internet access.  Each unit is energy efficient, containing the best R-value insulation and glass choices to save money on electricity.  Your kitchen and bathroom is setup for modern fixtures and ceramic tiling along with stainless steel faucets and piping.  Ceilings are vaulted to emanate the Victorian appeal, and spaciously designed closets are available with walk-in capabilities.  Appliance packages are also available which are heavily efficient.  Overall, the interior features of 4 Midtown are exceptional in quality and value.  All units are pet-friendly regardless of renting the units of buying outright.

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