RVing Across The Country While Bringing Home The Bacon!

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Recreational Vehicles or RVs have turned out to be an inexpensive second home for a great many people, especially the baby boomers. The RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) survey shows that over 8.5% of US households own a RV, and they expect this ownership to grow, despite the inflating gas prices. And very soon, my family will be a part of this clan of Americans who are proud owners of RVs and plan to hit the road for a few weeks at least once every year!


But just as thrilling and adventurous as it sounds, you also need to think of a source of income to make your life on the road comfortable and smooth sans any financial hiccups! What surprised me was the number of options that were available to RVers to earn a living even when on the move. Of course, for most professions, you need to be equipped with a computer and a good Internet connection; because that’s the only way you can communicate with your co-workers. Take a look at some of them and head out on your journey without worrying about supporting yourself while on the move.


Working as a freelance photographer is a great career option if you spend time traveling around the country. Clicking high-quality, meaningful images and narrating your travel through images is an art! Selling your photos to print media or news agencies is a great way to get in a decent paycheck. Investing in state-of-the-art photography equipment can bring in good return on investment if you have a knack for capturing images that’ll rival those we see on websites such as Conde Nast Traveler and will make anyone want to pack his bags and get ready to travel!

Travel Writer

If you have a way with words and possess good grammatical skills, work as a travel writer and bring all the places you visit to life through your blogs and chronicles. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and travel writers need to put in a lot of research to help readers get all the right info about the place they’re reading about. Self-employed and freelance writers can submit their work to websites, travel magazines, or even the Lonely Planet!

Medical Coder/Biller

Medical coding and billing is a booming healthcare field and coders and billers are always in high demand. Given the high number of medical coders and billers needed today, hospitals and medical facilities are even ready to hire people who work remotely. I happened to read on CareerStep that there’s currently a shortage of medical coders, and the demand for coders and billers is expected to increase by a – hold your breath – 53%! Make hay while the sun shines; and gear up to be a medical coder, working remotely and always in demand by hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Wilderness Guide

A profession best suited for people who practically call the wilderness their home. Living out of an RV means you’re already experienced with survival techniques such as navigation, first aid, fire-making and cooking methods, because that’s what wilderness guides are supposed to be proficient in. As a wilderness guide, you’re expected to guide groups of travelers through wild, uninhabited areas and ensure their safety and well-being. You can flourish in this profession if you have excellent interpersonal and leadership skills and are trained and certified as a wilderness expert. For instance, the International Wilderness Leadership School has training programs and certifications in wilderness education, if you find it stimulating enough to take it up as a profession!

Financial Advisor

Sorting people’s finances while roaming around in an RV? Why not?! If you know everything from credit, debit, taxes and investment portfolios, you can make a living as a financial advisor, providing sound advice to people. If you have the necessary qualifications, take a look at Liveperson – sign up as a financial expert and connect with people seeking help using chat or email.

National/State Park Maintenance

The National Park Service hires seasonal employees to look after the parks and surrounding areas. If you happen to camp out around any national or state parks, you can utilize your skills to help and protect our parks and also earn some money in return. You could work as a guide, or in departments such as security, maintenance, customer service, or even transportation.

Computer Training

This one’s really interesting! I came across Geeks on Tour and was rather impressed! If you have sound knowledge about computers and Internet, why not pass it on to others? You can start a computer training institute and I’m sure you’ll be surrounded by a whole bunch of people wanting to be tech-savvy! Or you can also design online courses in various technical subjects which can come in handy for other RVers!

There’s no dearth of earning opportunities for RVers. So if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug but were unsure about how to feed yourself while on the road and providing for yourself and your family, just pick up any of the career choices mentioned here, and enjoy your life on the road to the fullest and also make money while doing so!

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