Pros and Cons of Plastic Garden Furniture

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Garden furniture is always an important accessory in the yard. They create a rather meaningful spot in the garden space, something that’s rather functional and at the same time accommodating. With furniture present, your garden provides you with a place in which you can relax and enjoy your leisure time the other parts of the home couldn’t offer.

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If you’re currently on the lookout for garden furniture but are on a budget, then you may settle for the plastic ones instead. Plastic furniture is way more affordable as compared to wood and wrought iron types, and they are also versatile in terms of design.

Before buying plastic garden furniture, you should be well aware of its pros and cons. This way you will be able to bring out the best of both your garden and the furniture pieces you purchased, and avoid feeling the remorse later on.


1        Plastic furniture can be placed anywhere in the garden without looking off. Plastic garden furniture comes in basic designs, thus they can keep up with any kind of garden design and style. They fit well in grass lawns, and as well look good in flower gardens as well.

2        They are not affected by extreme weather conditions. Plastic furniture keeps up with various weather conditions; they don’t easily break amidst the rain and snow, or even under the heat.

3        They’re lightweight. If you’re into constantly changing the way your garden looks, then it’s a must to use plastic furniture. They are lightweight and easy to move around the garden space, and you won’t have to do extra effort just to put them at a particular spot of your preference.


1        Plastic garden furniture does have a breaking point. While it is very durable, plastic furniture is not always as capable as iron or wood furniture when it comes to carrying heavy weight. It bends over time, and it as well may break when faced with sudden impact.

2        When it’s broken, it’s broken. One issue about this kind of furniture is that its parts cannot be replaced. Unlike other garden furniture materials which can be brought to a repair shop for parts replacement, plastic furniture tends to be disposable. You will have no choice but buy a new piece when the item you’re using gets broken.

3        You cannot easily decorate the furniture piece. Plastic furniture looks ugly when repainted, thus they have to be retained in their original shape and color in order to look good. This can be a bad thing sometimes, especially when you’re thinking of creating a theme for your garden. You can easily paint iron furniture., or varnish the wooden ones, but not the plastic.

4        Limited designs. Plastic furniture come in limited designs, and most of them are rather plain to the eye. You also cannot ask for a custom made design, as these are mass produced by manufacturers.

Plastic garden furniture pieces are indeed sleek, versatile and lightweight, but they also have their issues that you have to keep up with. Given the pros and cons mentioned above, you now are in a better position whether this kind of furniture suits best to your garden needs.

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