Pet Care: How to Take Care of Your Pet Rabbit

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Rabbits are a delightful pet animal. They are very intelligent, sociable, affectionate and of course adorable. While the rabbits are different colors, several people choose the white rabbits to be their home companion. The snowy white looks and appearance of the rabbits are a real cynosure the eye. Usually, the rabbits live for about 10 years and they one of the easy to maintain pets. However, if you have adopted a rabbit you must know that taking care of it is a long term commitment. The following rabbit care tips will greatly help you to keep your beloved pet living happily and healthy for long:

Train you children:Most children adore rabbits and especially small kids tend to see the cute looking rabbit as a toy object and tend to shower love on it by holding and cuddling on it. However, you must know that rabbits are naturally a very tender and fragile animal and the over cuddling and carrying make them feel scared. When rabbits feel sacred they don’t cry out loud or bark like dogs do, instead they scratch or bite to protect themselves from children who bother them. It is therefore important that you train your children at home to handle the pet utmost care. Often times when children hold or carry rabbits they tend to drop it accidentally and this may result in broken legs or back. Make sure that there is an adult overlooking the playful activities of your pet and your child.

Provide sufficient space: It is a general notion that since rabbits are small creature, they don’t require much space; however, this is not true. Rabbits have hind legs that are naturally powerful and they are specially designed to run and jump. Rabbits love to run around and they require plenty of space. It is therefore important that you have big cage for your pet to move freely. If you wish to keep your pet rabbit outdoor make sure that the area has a good fencing all around. Also, it is important you don’t leave your pet unsupervised while playing outdoors. Dogs, cats and predatory birds can easily make your pet their prey.

Take care of the Diet: This is probably the most important aspect of good pet care. Rabbits generally love grass hay, it is the main component of their diet. Make sure that you feed your rabbits grass every day. This would keep the rabbit healthy. Additionally, you can also include fresh and green vegetables in their daily diet. There are several special rabbit diet pellets available in the market, the pellets are however recommended only for rabbits that are more than 6 months old. Like all animals rabbits too require water so make sure you always keep a bottle or bowl of fresh water in the cage.

Take care of the hygiene: You must regularly brush your pet rabbit to remove the excess hair and keep its coat in top condition. All it is important that you take your pet to a good vet for routine healthy check-up and to get vaccinated.

Taking good care of your pet is the key to keep your beloved pet happy and joyful.

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