Parting A Pet: What to Do?

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Pets bring us a lot of joy, giving us their love and devotion for many years. However, when adopting a cat or a dog, it should be remembered that, unfortunately, the average life of pets is from nine to fifteen years, and sooner or later it comes a time when the health state of our four-legged friends worsens. The main reasons for health deterioration are old age and illness. If the prognosis of a veterinarian is unfavorable, there is no chance for recovery, it is necessary to take an appropriate decision – to allow the animal to end its life without pain and suffering – painlessly euthanize a pet. In some cases, euthanasia is the only way to put an end to the sufferings.

Parting A Pet

It is rather common situation when pet owners face with a problem – where to bury dead animals? After all, no one, who treated a dog or a cat as a friend and even a family member, wants to bury them in a dumpster. The most suitable option in this situation is the cremation of animals.

Pet cremation is usually held either at the recycling plants or in private companies having adequate equipment. Bodies of dead dogs and cats are cremated in a common chamber, where simultaneous cremation of a large number of animals is carried out and all animals ashes are mixed and subsequently utilized.

Some veterinary clinics practice individual cremation of cats and dogs. In this case, only one animal body is exposed to cremation, and it all happens in high temperature chambers designed for the cremation of one dog or cat. This service is called vet ritual or after life care. Pet ashes are returned to owners of animals in special urn. It is owner’s personal solution what to do with the ashes. Someone bury cremated remains on a special cemetery, others dispel the ashes over the river or the sea, and some people leave urns at home as a memory.

When pet cat or dog dyes, every owner tries to pay the last tribute to his beloved friend with all dignity and respect, leaving behind his little pet tender and light memory. Lost of a loved animal often causes inconsolable owners desire to be next to it. That is why cremation of cat, dog or any other pet, is a worthy way to memorialize devoted and defenseless creatures in your heart. When the former owner has a place to come – it helps to console the hurt from irreparable loss and brighten the initial sense of loneliness.

Modern veterinary clinics provide various funeral services for the dead animals, which include individual cremation, ashes collection into special urn, which the owner of the animal gets for further burial. Animal cremation can be carried out in the presence of the customer, it is possible to carry out farewell ritual. But if there is no desire or need, the whole process will be accompanied by a veterinarian only. Regardless whether the former owner participates in cremation ceremony or not, clinic staff will ensure that the animal will be properly cremated in compliance with of all necessary rules for animals’ cremation.

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