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Modeling as a career option is the choice of many; especially the youngsters. The career of a model has fame, money, glamour and thrill – all that one could ask for. But before you become successful in this arena of modeling, you need to pass some hurdles. The very first of them is preparing yourself for your coming modeling auditions. These are the big events for any aspiring model who wants to be on the top of the industry of modeling and till now is looking for a fine break. Therefore they need to be well prepared for that day.


If you are an aspiring model and have a big audition in the next month then it is high time for you that you make yourself completely prepare for the day. Apart from your performance, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of on that day. In this article we are going to share some useful tips for the models who have their big auditions shortly.

1.    Modeling is a kind of performance that one needs to do with his or her whole body. So you need to take care of your entire look.

2.    You should take special care of your hairs on that big day. First of all, you need to have the perfect hair cut that matches with your face and with your personality. Now make your hair as simple as possible for the audition. It can be a simple ponytail. You can set your hair loose if possible with such a hairdo. But make sure you look good with loose hair.

3.    You need to take special care of your clothing for that big day. You can wear jeans and tee-shirt, since it is chic and comfortable. But do not try to look like a model on the ramp; remember it is after all a job interview and you should not forget the ambiance. If the fashion house or modeling agency feel that they want to see you in some other kinds of dresses, they will provide you with that. Be comfortable in whatever you wear.

4.    Choose your shoes carefully. Your shoes must be comfortable for your feet. Though high heels are one of the most important parts in a model’s profession, however you can wear something flat if it goes well with your dress. Always try to wear something in which you can walk well.

5.    Now come to the main part; your face. Do not wear makeup on modeling casting calls <> . Most of the modeling agencies and fashion houses love to see their models in “No makeup look” in order to get the best impression of their face. The judges then can understand what will best suit to your face and choose you for that particular job of modeling. If already have enough makeup on your face, they may not able to see you the “real” you.

6.    Keep plenty of water with you along with some high-energy foods. You may need to wait for a long for your call in your modeling audition. So make sure that you will not feel thirsty or hungry just before you appear in front of the judges.

Author Bio: Anny Smith mainly writes for entertainment and acting section. Read her articles to get more tips on modeling casting calls.

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