Looking After Your Home Windows

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The windows of a home need to be as energy-efficient and well maintained as possible, this will add to the overall value of the home and improve its appearance. Regular maintenance of a building’s windows is one of the most important considerations for any homeowner since neglect can lead to repairs that are very expensive.

looking after your home windows

Types of home windows

In older homes, the most common traditional window style is the guillotine or sash style window.  These windows have two sliding frames that work on a pulley system and are generally single paned.  To improve the energy-efficiency of the windows, a secondary inner pane is frequently added.  Modern sash windows have double panes and use springs to slide along vinyl runners instead of the old-fashioned pulley.  Their frames are made of wood, vinyl-covered wood or aluminum.

Hinged on one side with a handle for opening and closing, casement windows can be seen in use everywhere.  They are available in wood, vinyl-covered wood and aluminum.

Sliding windows work as their name suggests, with one pane sliding behind the other along runners.  Made of PVC, they have few mechanical parts to break and so are generally considered a worry-free window. These sorts of window are more usually seen in business premises.

Before choosing a replacement window type, it is important to consider what is needed from the window. If a great view is desired, choosing a fixed or picture window may be preferred, whereas if air circulation is a priority, having windows that open wide such as casements may be better.  It’s also important to remember that basements and bedrooms should have at least one window that is large enough to climb through to exit the building in case of a fire or other emergency.

Decorating home windows

The choice and variation of window treatments and coverings can be overwhelming and decorating plans can change from moment to moment as materials and styles are browsed through.  Choosing the right window treatment to suit the room will help to make the room complete and make the home feel like a home.

Curtains and draperies are some of the most flexible window treatments and are often used interchangeably, though they are two entirely different types of window treatments. Draperies are pleated panels that generally hang from a decorative rod or pole and may be opened and closed via a pulley system, whereas curtains are stationary and must be tied back to be opened.

Valences are very popular treatments for kitchens and bathrooms where a good deal of light is desired but an attractive window covering is also needed.  They are mounted along the top frame of the window and may only hang a few inches from the rod.

Shades come in a variety of styles and colors and can fit into any style of home décor. They are also suitable for layering with other types of window coverings.  Blinds are another versatile option; available in a variety of colors and styles, they are easy to install and layer as well.

Another great layering option is sheer drapes. Lightweight and attractive, they generally come in white or pale pastel shades and can be used underneath heavier draperies or on their own.

For a rustic look in a kitchen, many homeowners prefer shutters.  Dealers who sell shutters can provide a variety of styles, colors and finishes available to choose from.

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