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In this very recent time learning and knowing English became mandatory. English is one of the most commonly used languages which are more or less known by every person worldwide. As English is a common language, it became very good communicational language. People from totally different country with different language can communicate with each other by making English as their medium language. English is spoken throughout all part of the world because Great Britain expansion on the colonial age. Some of the reasons for learning English are:-

Learning English

  1. As said before that English as being a very common language it helps in communicating with different peoples.

  2. English is also very easy language in compare to other languages. So it takes a very short time to learn English.

  3. Now a days, people knowing English earns more money than the peoples not knowing English.

  4. People who know to speak English can travel many places in the world without facing any communicational problem that the other people will face who does not know how to speak or write in English. It becomes a restriction to them from travelling places.

  5. Knowing English also broaden the social network of any person as English becomes a common language.

  6. English is also the primary language of books and news paper all over the world. Knowing English helps in reading different books and news paper which helps out in improving the general knowledge of any person and also help in keeping own self updated and connected with the world.

Nowadays world has become very advanced. More or less everybody uses internet in their daily life. Anybody can learn English for free with the help of internet. People can learn English online with the help of internet.  With the help of internet everybody can learn English by themselves. Now you can learn English for free with videos of Multimedia English and experience the fun of learning English in a different and useful way.


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