Just How Effective are Traditional Marketing Techniques?

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There is something to be said for the techniques that dominated the early marketing scene. Many of these techniques are still employed by brands today with a great deal of effectiveness. Although the scene overall has changed with the introduction of guerilla marketing and unconventional techniques that is not to say that the tried and true methods are completely out-of-date. An effective plan can still be implemented using the grassroots techniques of years past and are generally more cost effective, especially for smaller brands and businesses.

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SEO and Content Marketing

The internet is old enough that this qualifies as a traditional method right? More often than not consumers turn to search engines seeking ways to solve a problem or for businesses in their specific geographic locale that offer the products and services they need. If your company does not have a blog or website you are missing out on a lot of web traffic that could hugely boost your business. Content marketing is only slightly newer than SEO and although the scene has changed the right combination of online marketing and other methods can be the most effective means to market your business. Content marketing means that your page will not be dedicated solely to pushing a product or service at the customer repeatedly as this will not keep them coming back. To really get the most of content marketing you need to demonstrate your expertise repeatedly through useful articles, tips and information.

Mass Mailing

Also referred to as snail mail advertisements, this is where all the brochures and flyers fall that you find in your mailbox. The reason why this method is so favorable is due to the fact that it can convey a good amount of information to people who either are potential customers or will come into contact with someone who is. For instance:

Person 1: My daughter is getting married but she is stuck on what to give out to guests after the wedding.

Person 2: I just saw a flyer that came in the male from Photo 123. They will put photos on wood. It would make a great keepsake and they are having a sale right now!

…and your flyer has done it’s job. There’s something to be said for a method that can effectively reach a customer who may not have physically seen your flyer.

Telephone Marketing

Telemarketing is still a very common way that companies and charities–large or small, will attempt to reach their customers. The problem with telemarketing is that it is…well, it’s annoying. In order to reach people there is a certain time of day that you need to place the call. Unfortunately this is a very busy time of day for most people and telemarketers serve as a nuisance. There is also the small issue of the scammers who have tried to take advantage of this method of marketing. You may have an upstanding business, but the snake oil salesman have ruined it for everyone. If you decide to invest valuable hours in cold calling potential customers be prepared to hear a lot of anger and hanging up.

These are three examples of traditional marketing techniques, two which can still be instituted successfully within a campaign and one that should be pursued with caution if at all. Just remember: regardless of how you decide to reach your target audience keep things tasteful and avoid any offensive slang, pictures or slurs as that can reflect poorly on your business and make customers head in the other direction.

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