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Research and statistics prove that 30 percent of all the energy consumed by commercial buildings go to waste and are completely unnecessary. In the United States alone, commercial buildings alone are responsible for 45 percent of all the greenhouse gases the nation emits. However, what do these numbers show? That commercial buildings waste energy and hurt the environment?

Well, that could be true. Still, what is shows is that commercial buildings or put it simply, work places have plenty to improve upon in terms of energy efficiency and if you happen to want to know how to make your workplace a bit more energy efficient, these small changes may do the trick.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

One way to make a huge difference is to make sure that your company invests in more eco-friendly products. This is great, especially when you make bulk purchases, which often is the case for workplaces.

A perfect example of this is the use of more eco-friendly Televisions at work. Yes, it is true that such Televisions cost a lot more than previous tech, but in terms of maintenance and return on investments, it also is a whole lot better.

Another benefit of investing in eco-friendly televisions is that it drastically decreases its carbon footprint and even though you would need to spend twice as much, better quality of picture and a clearer conscience is definitely worth the cost.

Jump on the Cloud Bandwagon defines cloud storage as “a model of networked enterprise storage where data is stored in virtualized pools of storage which are generally hosted by third parties. Hosting companies operate large data centers, and people who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them”.

In much simpler terms, it means that a company will use an online storage system to store all of their documents and files. Imagine how much paper that would save, right?

If a company cuts down on its paper use, companies will no longer need to invest much in paper, which also means that a company helps the environment in plenty of ways.

Not only does cloud storage allow a company to save up on paper costs, a company will also cut down on the amount of energy that it uses for storage. Without the need to keep servers in-house, a company will no longer need to invest in servers, which also means that they’ll spend a lot less in terms of energy consumption.

Therefore, cloud storage reduces the carbon footprint left by workplaces.

Invest in Motion Sensor Lights

How often is it that you find the lights in your workplace turned on without anyone in the room? No, it is not a horror story. It is the fact that people tend to forget to turn off the lights when they leave.

Installing motion sensor lights, however, helps alleviate that problem and at a very affordable price, it is not bad either.

If it is any bonus, it looks cool as well.

Remember, investing in eco-friendly upgrades make any workplace a whole lot better, a whole lot more cost-efficient and most important of all, it may even affect the productivity of the employees working there for the better.

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