If You Did Not Know, This Happens To Your Body If You Do Not Have Intimate Relationships For 7 Days Or More

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When two people are involve in intimate relation, they are not only a source of pleasure for each other but their bodies are also working progressively in terms of their physical and mental health. And the story doesn’t end here, it also effects your personality in positive way and make your bond strong with your partner

You are surely thinking how sex will improve your health, if you study different researches about having it and its effect on your body, you will be surprised. By summarizing those researches we have got some major points to discuss with you.

Stress, Tension, Depression Free Life:

When you are involved in sex, your brain releases special kind of hormones called endorphins. In easy wording, happy hormones release from your mind which makes you happy, satisfied and relieved you from stress. No matter how hectic your routine is and how much you are stressed from your routine, having sex will definitely relieved you and comfort your brain.

Healthy Heart:

Sex is like an exercise, when you are having it, your heart pumps more speedily and your blood flow to each and every part become better and it is somewhat like a cardiac exercise and it decrease the chance of cardiovascular. Overall the health of your heart become better.

Healthy For Men and Women Equally:

Intimate relation with your partner or spouse is not only healthy for specific gender. It is healthy for both bodies. It boosts the immune system of women, it kills the germs, viruses and infections which enter into your body. Having no sex for long time, there is a high chance of having cold, flu very often. And in men, sex saves him from prostate cancer.

Now come to the point where we have to discuss how sex helps to improve your personal relation as well as your own personality. Here are some points as follow.

Strong Bond:

Only words of love are not enough for healthy relation. Your actions define how much you mean to each other. When you are involved in love making, you realise the value of each other and see each other as a source of satisfaction which makes your bond stronger.

Self Confidence and Self Esteem:

When there is a need of sex, your mind generates a message, if you ignored it for a long time, your mind gets disturbed and starts destructing your mental health, you become more stressed and moody. You become easily irritated by the talk of people and you don’t want to face people any more. And it ruined your social life and leads to failure in your professional life ahead. But on the other side regularity in the sex, keep your mind satisfied, and you feel more comfortable, fresh.. And you will be able to perform better in professional life and more importantly you got rid of your mood swings

In the last, we just have to tell you nature have a meaning of its happening. And everything happened for a reason. And sex is a natural procedure of your body with the dependence on another body. It’s not only a source of pleasure and enjoying some moments with each other but actually it is far more than that. If you are suffering from these issues as mentioned above then you should check your sex routine. It might solve your many personal and health problems.

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