How to take care of your pets during Rainy Season

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Those long sweltering summers and the heat waves in the city keep you longing for the cool rains showers. Just like we humans our little pets too wait for the refreshing rains and the joy it brings to them. Not only do we need to take special care about ourselves and be prepared with our rain-gear but also need to pay appropriate attention to the changing requirements of our four-legged friends. Rains can be an issue for many pets as it leads to a host of skin and health diseases if proper care hasn’t been taken. Given below are few tips that every pet-owner and lover should keep in mind during rains.

Pet food and water: Food and water are things which are more prone to contamination during rains. Make sure that your pet’s food and water is kept clean and is prevented from being contaminated. Cold food and water should be avoided as much as possible. Store their food in air-tight containers and clean their serving bowls and pet chews regularly. Feed your pet with foods depending on their health and nutritional needs.

Health care: During the rainy season cold, cough, vomiting and pneumonia are very common amongst pets. Make it a point to visit the vet often enough to get your pet checked for these common diseases. Also de-worm your pets regularly in this season. Bathe your pets often with an anti-septic shampoo. Unusual hair-fall, foul smell, itchiness must be brought to the notice of the vet.

Exercise: How much ever would you love to take walks with your pets when it’s raining, it would not be a feasible idea all the time. During rains, your pets stay indoors for majority of the time. Make sure you get them enough exercise to keep them active, energetic and cheerful all the time.

Rains clothing: When the dirt in the muddy water enters the paws of your adorable little one, it can lead to several fungal infections and you cannot always avoid taking your pet out in the rains. In that case you can bring some trendy raincoats, boots, and other fashionable accessories for your little ones and keep them worry free and trendy even when it’s pouring cats and dogs.

Pet beds: Make arrangements for warm comfortable beddings for your pets. The floors are too cold for your pet to laze around on it, so have a basket stuffed with a dry, comfortable and snuggly blanket or bedding so that your little friend can stay warm and pleased in the cold weather.

The tips given above are easy to implement but equally important as well. It will help you create a hassle free rains experience for your undemanding and faithful friend. Make sure to take complete care of your pets to make them as well as yourself rains happy.

Pet care can be made easy if you have professional animal care knowledge. This is something which only comes with zoo keeping courses and animal care course.

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