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Visit the city not just for travel but for your senses. You are going to be captivated by its stunning views. The Mediterranean landscape, the Gaudi’s church, the Picasso Museum, the Camp Nou to soothe your eyes. Sounds on the street along with some soulful music being played throughout the city with mesmerize your ears. Aroma of the delicious cuisine that will be irresistible for your nose and the taste of the sea food will satisfy your soul.

barcelona festivals

But Barcelona isn’t just about attractive places but a lot more than that. Barcelona is the city of festivities. Barcelona is a magnet for festivities and celebrates its festivals with excitement and extraordinary zeal. The summers are especially June and August are full of festivals and people not only from Catalonia but from other states as well come here to be a part of fun filled festivities.

Events & Festivals:

Festa De Major Gracia: It is the grandest of all the street festivals celebrated in Barcelona. The festival begins on 15th August every year and lasts for a week. The festival started by the Gracia residents has become so popular that people from from entire Catalona visit flock the event.

La Tomatina: Celebrated in Bunyol, south of Barcelona is one of most exciting festivals in the world. In this people squash tomatoes and throw them at one another. The festival is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August.

Sant Joan: Sant Joan is perhaps the most awaited night of the year. It is the grandest of all the festivals in Barcelona. The celebrations are marked by fireworks, street parties and bonfire on the beach.

Primavera Sound: Primavera is the biggest sound festival in Europe. Celebrated for one week Primavera attracts Electronic music lovers from all over Europe.

Along with these there are some amazing music festivals and festivals of all genres. The festivals are so amazing that if one attends a certain festival he/she will be booking tickets for the next year as soon as they are available. So book your flights to Barcelona and have time for my life.

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