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Every girl has the ‘I do not have anything to wear’ phase, even with a closet or two are bursting with clothes. Girls who do not enjoy shopping may have a hard time figuring out how to refresh their wardrobe. If you are bored of the same old clothes, or they don’t fit you anymore as well, it is time to go shopping.

It is important to take stock of a new essentials that you actually need, instead of wanting to buy anything and everything that you find pretty and appealing.  These are your wardrobe essentials that you must have.

A great pair of jeans

It is not diamonds, but a great pair of jeans that are a girl’s best friend. When you go shopping for a new pair of jeans after a long hiatus from the mall, it is possible that you will gravitate towards the same brand and make as your most comfortable pair. However, know that jeans change over time, and your favorite pair has possibly gone through wear and tear before it fits you just right.  So don’t be dissuaded when a pair of jeans isn’t the perfect match the first time – be more concerned about the texture, the cut and the color.

Comfortable T Shirts

T shirts are extremely versatile; you can use them for a variety of looks. From carefree casual, to smart chic, there are many ways to wear a T shirt. It is all a matter of how you mix and match colors, textures and fits. Instead of focussing on merely the price tag and buying cheap, try to buy good quality cotton or poly-blends (such as Lycra) that will last long, and retain their fit.

Floral Dress

There’s nothing more summery than a great floral dress. These are available in a variety of fabrics which means that you can pull of a variety of looks effortlessly. And, they are effortless to manage – which means they are great for both a day of frolicking in the sand the beach, and the evening party afterwards. Just add a few tasteful accessories to a muted shade of dress, and you are automatically going to look stylish.

When you do go shopping for one, make sure you are not allergic to the fabric, or it does not chafe you. Further, do spend more time in the mirror and see how it looks from all angles before you finally decide to buy it.

Formal jackets

Once of the best value for money purchases, a formal jacket has many uses. You are spoiled for choice with formal dresses as you mix and match – everything from formal trousers to jeans, and even an evening dress can be paired to create a unique look. Further, women’s formal jackets are often available with additional embellishments are patterns. These add even more versatility and appeal to your wardrobe. Buy a few in dark colors to begin with, and then add a little more color and variety to your wardrobe. Add a dapper hat from Millinery Online’s millinery hats from their great Millinery Online collection

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