Electronic Control Access Systems – All You Need to Know

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Whether it’s for a commercial premises or a private home controlling who comes in and out of your property is important.

Controlling the access to your premises can prevent theft, damage, unwanted visitors or simply just give you a say over who has access to your property and when.

And the easiest way to monitor access to your premises is to have an electronic control access system installed, putting all of the power over who comes in and out in your hands. 

What is an electronic control access system?

An electronic control access system is any device by which you can restrict or control access to a space.

It can completely prevent access, limit it or simply make keeping a record of who’s going in and going out of your premises easy and accurate.

Access can be controlled in a number of ways; a key card is one of them.

Access can be controlled in a number of ways; a key card is one of them.

Types of Access control

There are lots of different types of access control, each differing in purpose and use.

To protect the perimeter or external part of your property, you can control access using a gate or barrier that can be opened either using a keypad, fob or remote control.

Internal doors and entry points can also be controlled using a similar mechanism, with fobs, key cards and entry code devices all available for internal secure doors.

Depending on your premises it might also be appropriate to have a remote opening system installed so that you can open the secure door from an office or reception area to allow visitors to enter. 

Door Entry

For even more controlled access, you can have a door entry system installed.

This requires the person attempting to enter your premises to interact with the person in charge of access in order to gain admittance.

This can be set up as either a video or voice entry system and allows you complete control over who comes in as well as prior knowledge of the purpose of their visit. 

The benefits of access control

The main benefit of installing an electronic control access system is the increased security that it offers.

Though having an electronic access control system installed comes at a price, it can help to lower your insurance overheads, saving you money in the long run.

Plus, by helping to prevent loss and damage, you could save even more money, as well as a lot of time and inconvenience.

The cost of access control

The cost of installing Electronic control access systems can vary widely depending on the style and standard of the system that you choose and ranges from budget systems to advanced, hi-security setups.

However, whatever your system costs to install, you’ll more than likely save the money in the long run, making an electronic control access system a great investment.

Securing your premises with an electronic entry system can save you money in the long run

Securing your premises with an electronic entry system can save you money in the long run


As many of these systems are computerized or programmed to work with specific key cards or fobs, having comprehensive and ongoing support is crucial.

A lack of good technical support could see you locked out of your home or unable to control who enters and exits you premises.

The easiest way to ensure good quality support is to hire a reputable company to install your system such as Chelmsford Locksmiths, HMS Locksmiths. They should know how to install it well in the first place and be able to fix any teething problems or glitches that occur in the future.

Look out for companies who are confident enough in their abilities to guarantee their work for at least 12 months. Companies with an in house technical support team, available 24 hours a day are also ideal.

Electronic control access systems are a great way of securing your premises, so if you’re considering having one installed and want to know more, contact your local specialists today.



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