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Getting more than one kind of e-juices can be a good idea as you might change your preference or try mixing them together to obtain a different unique taste. But when it comes to juice, there are a multitude of options out there. Blu e cig is only one of the many online locations that can help one choose the desired juice, as online shopping is much convenient and mostly preferred by vaping fans.

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How to settle on a single flavor

Can one even do that? Enjoy a single flavor so much and stick only to that one? Of course! But, just for general knowledge, mixing juices can also prove to be interesting and rewarding. It is important to know that not every product on the market is of high quality. Some juices will make more vapor, others not so much, some will taste sweeter than others and so on. This happens because of the chemicals that the juices contain. These are just a few and besides nicotine, they have been used in the food industry and also for cosmetic products for years. Nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol but also flavor can be found upon a close inspection of the juices ingredients. The glycerin and glycol are the base of any e liquid available.

Flavors of choice

On high quality American products, flavors are excellent. Most people avoid the Chinese products but some prefer them in an equal manner. The challenge is to find one flavor that will be satisfactory for you.

Products out there such as juice samples are a great help and allow people to try out the juices before deciding on what to buy next time. They can be available in batches of 6 or more different flavors and the price is also reasonable compared to the amounts.

Nicotine Content

An important aspect when it comes to juices is that they also differ when it comes to nicotine levels. A light cigarette contains an average of 8 mg of nicotine. When choosing the liquid, keep this in mind and adjust the nicotine level to your taste. One can also choose the “high-test” 24mg/ml e liquid which is very potent and is the favorite of many nicotine lovers.

One important advice is not to underestimate the strength of a juice as you can actually consume more nicotine that you want to. Try and keep a steady balance  when changing the juices with ones with higher nicotine levels. This way you can make sure you will have a good overall vaping experience.

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