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With the housing market in a long-term plateau, home-owners are looking for ways to update their homes and create additional living space in their homes.

One way to do this is by commissioning the design of a conservatory to give you a whole new room that brings light and space to your house and adds value – both financially and in terms of quality of life – to your property.

Types of conservatory

There are several types of construction material you can choose for your conservatory, all of which offer their own unique benefits.

Wooden conservatories are the most traditional material and timber framed buildings and conservatories have been around for hundreds of years. The types of wood available for construction vary from relatively inexpensive soft woods through to sustainably sourced exotic hardwoods, which are uniquely hard-wearing and durable.

The wooden conservatory has recently undergone something or a renaissance in popularity as more people look to renewable materials for building for environmental reasons. As a result, there are a growing number of new and innovative designs on the market that could complement your home.

The Horniman Conservatory – one of the country’s most beautiful glass houses

The Horniman Conservatory – one of the country’s most beautiful glass houses

Steel and aluminium framed conservatories present a range of different options to those offered by wood frames. While you’re unlikely to have the space or money for anything as elaborate as the Horniman Conservatory in London, you can choose a more intricate design to add a touch of elegance to your home. The use of glass panels, ornate pillars and tiered roofing can fit well with older homes to create the impression of the beautiful glass houses of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Probably the most common material for conservatory construction in recent years has been uPVC. Hard-wearing and versatile, uPVC comes in a range of finishes and has the largest range of options for construction from tiny rooms to grand designs.

Modern conservatories can be designed to maximise light and fit with the overall look of your property

Modern conservatories can be designed to maximise light and fit with the overall look of your property

Things to consider

When considering a conservatory, it’s important to consider all the options open to you and the impact of your new room on your household. How you choose to heat your new conservatory can either add to or reduce your costs, depending on what you choose. With a new construction, you have the chance to get things right from the start and working with your designer to discuss the best ways to heat your conservatory effectively and energy efficiently can help plan this into the structure.

While most of the focus when constructing a conservatory is on what comes above ground level, it’s a good idea to plan what kind of flooring you want so this can be installed seamlessly with the rest of the building. Choosing a hard floor such as wood or tile as opposed to carpet can make a big difference to your initial outlay and on-going costs for heating and maintenance. Checkout a range of conservatory options here at

A good designer will work with you to ensure that your new conservatory flows with your home to feel like a natural addition rather than an add-on or afterthought. The way you choose to see the flow through your home may change with the addition of a conservatory, and further work to the interior of your home to make the most of this new space may be recommended. Putting up partition walls or knocking walls down can completely alter your living space and make your living space work for you much better.


Choosing a conservatory is not just a matter of picking a style and construction material that suits you. It’s about ensuring you make the most of your living space and designing something that fits with your current property and enhances your home.



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