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Kansas City is popular for its BBQ over a hundred years. It’s undoubtedly the best in the country. Barbecue is very closely tied to the heritage of Kansas City. Barbecue restaurants are lined up on every street in Kansas City. From USDA-certified beef to mutton and house-made sausages, there’s no limit to what the barbecue restaurants of Kansas City will try to cook on a grill or a smoker.

Kansas City BBQ Restaurants push the boundaries of barbecuing every day to come up with new ideas or recipes that will have customers lining up all the way down the block just for a taste. If you’re keen on trying the best that Kansas City has to offer, you definitely have to stop by one of these top barbecue restaurants.

There are more than 100 BBQ joints in the Kansas City metro area alone, so a few of them are highlighted as the absolute best:

Barbecue Restaurant In Kansas City


The best BBQ you’ll ever find cooked up in a gas station. Joe’s made its name in the list of the best BBQ spots in the country. The joint is located inside a functioning gas station. This is very appealing, and one can enjoy here one of the most Midwestern meals one can possibly imagine. The menu here is separated into meat and “other stuff,” and both are highly recommended. Most of the full BBQ dinners are based on availability and be prepared for a bit of a wait. Moreover, if you’re making it out to Kansas City anytime soon, Joe’s BBQ joint is a better recommendation.


Q39 uses techniques classically-trained chef/owner Rob Magee honed during a decade on the competitive BBQ circuit. The wood fire grill and smoker fired at each meal guarantee that you’re getting the freshest possible meats. In addition, the meats, they are a-plentiful. The sausages are some of the finest in the city, and the chicken is equally impressive. Championship quality plates piled high with spare ribs are only a portion of what you need to prepare for.

Smokin’ Guns BBQ

Smokin’ Guns BBQ has been in the business of slow-cooked meat since 1997 owned by the husband-and-wife duo of Phil and Linda Hopkins. Smokin’ Guns BBQ claims that their food is award-winning. They started out in the competitive circuit with 400 contests across 15 states under their belts. One of their most prestigious wins was at the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue Contest in 1999, where they took home the title of Grand Champion.

The Smokin’ Guns BBQ legacy lives on in their restaurant, where they serve up their award-winning recipes to hungry customers daily. Taking pride in using only the best quality meats, each dish provides incredible flavor with many claiming that additional sauce isn’t necessary at all. Savvy foodies ought to try the Big Gun Combo Platter, a heaping plate of four baby back ribs and your choice of beef brisket, ham, pulled pork, sausage, or turkey. The platter also comes with three side dishes of your choice, bread, and delicious pickles.

So if you have been to Kansas City then visiting Kansas City BBQ Restaurants is a must be recommended.


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