Anything But Warcraft: Alternative MMORPGs

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MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role playing game, games in which players enter online virtual worlds to go on quests, interact with other players, secure items, slay monsters, and accomplish heroic tasks. With the ubiquity of broadband Internet connections, MMORPGs have become extremely popular, boasting up to a million or more subscribers. These are some of the most highly rated and popular MMORPGs.


Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2, a sequel to the original Guild Wars game, is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market. More than 3.5 million copies have been sold since its release. It is subscription free, meaning that you buy the installation software but afterward do not pay monthly fees. Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, the game tasks a player with reuniting the disbanded guild called Destiny’s Edge, and then combating the undead elder dragon Zaiton. This mission takes place within an elaborate multi-cultural setting and a vast landscape. You create your own character from among five races and eight professions such as warrior, necromancer, thief, and engineer. The choice of profession determines the player’s skills. Guild Wars 2 appeals to gamers who love elaborate fantasy quests with a lot of diversity.

The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online, or LotRO, is a popular MMORPG based in the fantasy world of Middle Earth. After purchasing the installation software the game is free to play online, although a paid subscription is available that offers added perks. LotRO is a massive game with seemingly limitless options, and expansion packs are periodically released that expand the possibilities even further. The basic story parallels that of the novels and films. You set out across Middle Earth towards the Land of Shadow to destroy the ring and free Middle Earth from the evil entity Sauron. You can choose to be man, elf, dwarf, or hobbit. On the way to your goal you acquire skills, perform tasks, and meet the famous characters from the books. Any fan of the Lord of the Rings story will love diving into this immersive experience.

Eve Online

Eve Online is an elaborate MMORPG set in a science fiction universe. It is a subscription-based game, which means you purchase the installation software and after an initial free period must pay regular subscription fees to access the game. Eve is filled with planets, spaceships, space stations, wormholes, moons, and other science fictional settings. You choose your player’s skills from among hundreds of options, and you also design your own ship. There is a vast universe to explore, with elaborate cultures, politics, economy, industry, science, and technology. This game appeals to players who appreciate intricate, free-form, and fluid game play.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG set in the Star Wars universe 1,000 years before the events depicted in the films. The Galactic Republic combats the Sith Empire. You can choose to be a Jedi knight, Sith warrior, bounty hunter, or smuggler. Every player receives a starship. Use the light or dark side of the Force in your pursuit of adventure and excitement. The choices you make during game play open and close story lines and affect peripheral players. Any Star Wars fan will love this game. Originally it was subscription-based but it is now free to play.

Each of these MMORPGs has a vast fan base and elaborate worlds to explore. Try them out as fascinating alternatives to World of Warcraft.

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