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Many small businesses, start-ups and emerging brands look to the television enviously at the sight of established rivals throwing enormous amounts of money into mass advertising. Fortunately, in the Internet-age the advantage of the larger firm is being eroded. Video marketing is now commonplace across the web, and increasingly it is small firms who are starting to make their presence felt.

One way by which they can do this is online video marketing: uploading a video in the hope of attracting suitable attention for their business or brand. Done in an unsophisticated manner, there is little chance of this succeeding, given the ratio of videos to relevant viewers.

Fortunately several firms now offer the possibility of targeted video marketing, which would allow clients to tailor their audience to fit their aims. Amongst the most sophisticated of these companies is Virool, a start-up founded with enhanced technology for the field.

Video Marketing with Virool

Virool’s techniques allow for the filtering of potential viewers by location, age, gender, and other criteria. But unlike most other firms in the field, Virool stands out as being a firm which caters to small businesses and individuals as well as larger concerns. In other words, it is affordable for even a small business to spend some money marketing in this way.

This is because Virool operates a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system, in which a client can put in a minuscule minimum ($10) and add infinitely more funds to expand the system. The system also allows for transparency by granting the customer the ability to observe how his money is spent, and to map out the results of the subsequent promotion.


Video Marketing With Virool

One might expect that after the $10 is paid the cost expands dramatically, and in fact video marketing is not in reality affordable to the small business or individual. But this is not actually the case.

If a small business manages to create a commercial which has the potential to go global, then Virool simply gives it a push in the correct direction. Of course most commercials and video marketing campaigns will not have this at base. And so they need manufactured momentum. In these circumstances a truly world-shaking video is clearly unaffordable to the small business.

However for a reasonable investment, a comparatively large audience can be reached. Indeed viewership and the video’s progress through the Internet can be monitored using Virool’s technology.

Virool operates a top-up system. Because in truth $10 will not take a business or individual very far, as would be expected. But each time a client runs out of money they can add more, and continue their marketing campaign. In this way it is always the customer who decides the costs, a vital safeguard in stopping cost overruns.

Furthermore, this top-up system is complemented by Virool’s do-it-yourself attitude. By letting customers make their own choices, and have more direct control over their own campaign, the company has a smaller staff, and therefore lower costs and prices than its competitors. The savings can be as much as 40% compared to competitors.


Ultimately it is not so much about Virool’s own pricing policies, generous though they are. Rather it is about the company delivering the video marketing technology on the Internet. As one member of the company’s management noted; ‘in the past, a cheap local TV spot could have cost you $100,000 for video production and advertisement, whereas with Virool the same audience reach can end up costing you $1000 or less.’

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