8 Green Remodelling Ideas for Driveways, Floors and Patios

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The buzzword in town is “going or living green”, but it should not come as a surprise to you that many home owners find it almost impossible to go completely green! They are baffled at how they can make their floors, walkways, patios and driveways green yet these are made of concrete, paving stones, bricks and such substances. Getting livable green ideas that are environmentally friendly for outdoor spaces can be something of a challenge if you are not creative enough.

If the previous attempts you made were not successful, don’t lose heart because in this article you will find several proven green remodeling ideas that suit your needs. Don’t worry about the costs associated with this because these suggestions are as cheap and effective as they come.

  • Pouring a concrete slab is cheaper than lying stone, brick, and concrete pavers, but only in the short run. Installing interior floors with brick, stone, or pavers will cost you more upfront but in the long run these will help reduce your heating and cooling costs.
  • The real benefit of going green with driveways, patios’ floors etc is not calculated in terms of real $ but in the value they bring, for instance, they are more usable all year round, the materials used are often of higher quality and so they are built to higher standards, and they bring positive environmental impacts in several areas of the home like reducing wasteful run-offs.
  • In order to ensure that you are investing in a more sustainable environmentally friendly ways, use indigenous stones from local quarries and pavers or slabs purchased from local dealers. This will save you money on transport and labour apart from reducing the amount of fossil fuels burnt when the materials are being delivered to you.
  • The word recycling is on everybody’s lips. You will do the environment a lot of good if you use recycled or reclaimed materials. Think of what you will save in terms of mining, quarrying, transporting, processing and manufacturing new materials. Few landfills will form from discarded materials. Add their ready availability, durability and cheapness and you will not think of anything else.
  • Between patios and a deck, what would you rather have for outdoor living spaces? Of course a deck is more admirable and classy, but patios are long lasting, cheaper to maintain and friendlier than decks.
  • Many homes suffer from flooding, or get their water supplies contaminated from too much surface run-off. You can avoid this by having walkways, patios made out of gap-spaced brick, pavers, stone, loose gravel, or decomposed granite that will allow more water to seep into the ground. Think of a permeable surface and landscape design course online by Landscapingcourses.com.au when you are restructuring these areas.
  • Every year you spend enormous sums and energy to shovel away snow from your patios, driveways, walkways etc, but to save on this, situate them with a southern exposure so that they can get direct sunlight all year round.
  • Lastly, you can recycle old building materials so that they form new materials to be used on several other construction projects within the home, for example, landscaping more about which you can learn here http://landscapingcourses.com.au/.

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