5 Tips to Restore Your 1966 Mustang To Its Former Glory

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One of the most commonly restored cars today is the Ford Mustang. This is primarily because of the car’s popularity and the availability of replacement Mustang parts on the secondary market. Even coveted 1966 Mustang parts and Mustang accessories are readily available.

Mustangs are one of the easier types of cars to restore, but even this classic beauty can sometimes pose a challenge. Here are 5 tips that can minimize most of those challenging issues Mustang lovers might be facing:

1966 Mustang

Find a Car Manual

Before you begin working on your 1966 Mustang, check for online resources or manuals. The original wiring and body assembly manuals are now available as reproductions. These can answer many potential questions that you might have about your 1966 Mustang was originally constructed.

There’s no reason why you should have to work without documentation. Since there are plenty of resources that can provide you with this vital information there’s no excuse not to avail yourself of it. Seriously, it can make the process much easier.

If you’re not able to locate a manual, don’t sweat it. The Mustang is a popular car and there are restoration shops that specialize in restoring Mustangs. There are also Mustang clubs that have members who will most likely be willing to share their valuable information with you, or assist you in finding a manual.

Develop Your Restoration Plan

One of the most important and overlooked steps in Mustang restoration is formulating a restoration plan. It can get easy to get overwhelmed when restoring one of these classic cars simply because of the many choices available. There are classic replacement parts and reproduction parts, which do you choose? Additionally, the restoration process itself can be quite lengthy. Some car lovers give up out of frustration over the investment of time involved.

Document the Disassembly

Yes, the Mustang does have a relatively simple design. However, like any car, Mustangs are much easier to take apart than they are to put back together. The key to putting all the pieces back in the right place is to make sure you document the disassembly.

This can be done by filming the process, taking pictures, or writing down notes. Choose whatever option works for you. You’ll be thankful you did this once you start attempting to put the vehicle back together.

Be Realistic About Your Limitations

You’ve got to be realistic about your own limitations when restoring a car. You might not be able to handle certain things like welding, painting, interior work, or other components of the restoration process. If you’re unfamiliar with working with engines, transmissions, the suspension, or any of these aspects, obtains professional help.

Very people realize the time, resources, and knowledge that it requires to completely restore a Mustang. Most enthusiasts make the mistake of believing that they can do everything on their own. Unfortunately these stories rarely have a happy ending. In fact, the resulting mess can end up creating a bigger problem than the one that was originally there.

Always Use Quality Parts

Cheaply made parts can make your problems much worse. You could get parts that don’t fit or work. This is a big problem with car body parts such as doors and fenders. This is one reason why you should always buy your restoration parts from a reputable parts dealer.

No other car has as many reproduction or classic parts available than the Mustang. However, not every aftermarket part is of the same quality. When the car was produced, it was created to be relatively inexpensive. As a result, not all parts fit together as well as they should. Be very careful when it comes to buying parts.

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