5 Best Places you Can Find in Istanbul for Travelers

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The greatness of Istanbul The city of Istanbul, with its history and its diversified touristic potential, stands out from the other well-known metropolis. It is the place where the continents, the culture, the civilization, the religion, the music, the past and also the future get together. Being a city with bright history, Istanbul is the perfect destination for people who enjoy history, architecture, arts, Turkish cuisine and fashion. For those who want to visit the city of Istanbul, there are five top sights:

Incredible Istanbul

Aya Sofya, well-known as Hagia Sophia. Aya Sofya is a former Byzantine church which was turned into a mosque. It was built in between 532-537 by Emperor Justinian the First and has a rectangular shape, 75 m lenght, 70 m width and it is covered by an impressive dome with a diameter of 31 m and a height of 56 m. It is the fourth world’s cathedral after St Paul’s Cathedral from London, St Peter’s Basilica from Rome and Milan Cathedral.

The Topkapi Palace, a truly masterpiece. During the history, the Topkapi Palace was the home for many generations of Sultans and their wives. It is the oldest palace in the world which is still in good conditions nowadays. It was built in between 1466-1478 by Mehmet the Second. It was divided in yards. In the first yard were placed the hospital and the bakery, while the second yard had an administrative role. The third one was designed for the Sultan’s children and also for his harem and the last yard was entirely designed for the Sultan. It takes at least 6 hours to visit the whole Palace.

The Blue Mosque, known in Turkish as Sultanahmet Camii. The Blue Mosque is the biggest Mosque in the city of Istanbul and a valuable architectural monument. It is placed near Aya Sofya and it was built during the rule of Ahmet the First, in 1609, when he was only 19. The Blue Mosque is the only Mosque in the city of Istanbul with 6 minarets. It has an astonishing blue cupola with a diameter of 23 m and a height of 43 m. The interior is decorated with handmade Iznik pottery and also with 260 strained-glass windows.

Bosphorus, a strait between Europe and Asia. The Bosphorus strait also connects the Black Sea of Marmara. It has 32 km length and is the narrowest strait in the world, with a depth that varies between 500 m and 3 km. Even if it is the narrowest strait, it is used by hundreds of ships every day. It’s truly beauty can be seen by cruise.

The Grand Bazar, the largest and the oldest covered market in the world. The Grand Bazar is compound by 61 streets and more than 3000 shops. It is a shelter for all kinds of merchandisers who provide clothing, food, souvenirs, handicraft and many other things. But even if all of those sound astonishing, you must be aware to your pockets because the place is very crowded.
All in all, for visiting the mighty Istanbul it is vital to put money aside in order to pay the Turkey visas.

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