3 Teams With The Most Work To Do In Conference Tournaments

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1 – Missouri

When you visit the Northbet Linkedin page, you’ll get valuable information. The Missouri Tigers need valuable wins, and what’s tough about being in the Southeastern Conference is that Florida has been so good and so consistent throughout the season. Missouri needs to be able to go deep in the SEC Tournament if it wants to make the NCAA tournament. What’s more, though, is that the Tigers could really use another shot at Florida. Beating the Gators would give Missouri a chance to pull off the kind of win that would lead to an NCAA appearance. If Missouri plays Florida in the SEC Tournament, the Tigers could gain a lot of ground with a victory. If that game is in the SEC Tournament’s championship game, Missouri would obviously win an automatic berth into the NCAA tournament, but if that game comes before the championship game, Missouri could still get one of the at-large invitations to March Madness. The bottom line is obvious: Missouri has to win at least two games in the SEC Tournament, probably three. One of those wins needs to be against a really good team as well. Missouri faces all sorts of limitations, but winning is something that overcomes and diminishes a lot of limitations.


2 – Indiana

The best online sports book will say that if the Indiana Hoosiers don’t beat the Michigan Wolverines this upcoming Saturday on the road, they will go into the Big Ten Tournament needing to win three games in order to have a reasonable chance of getting an at-large ticket to the party known as March Madness. If Indiana doesn’t win the Big Ten Tournament and get automatic qualification, the Hoosiers will have to at least get to the championship game and put up a good fight. Indiana has suffered a lot of really bad losses this season and scored a number of very impressive wins. With this mixture of results on the dossier, Indiana definitely needs to show that it can win multiple games against a good set of teams on a neutral court. If Indiana wins just one game in the Big Ten Tournament, that won’t begin to solve the Hoosiers’ problems. Two games might, but if one win is just an early-round win against a mediocre team, that will mean that Indiana will have gained only one really good win. Three wins total (one over a mediocre team, two over good teams) might very well be enough.

3 – Utah

This is the third team that has to do a lot of work in its conference tournament. When Oregon beat Arizona State on Tuesday night, the Pac-12 likely put a sixth team in the NCAA tournament, and California could make that seven teams if it wins a few more games. Utah, when the Pac-12 Tournament starts in Las Vegas, will have to win at least two games – this is not really a questionable statement. Utah’s non-conference schedule was poor, so the Utes will have to make up for it in Sin City.

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