17 Important Facts about Braces for Renewed Smiles

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Do you aspire to have perfectly formed, straight, white teeth? I once had a crooked tooth (it was jutting in an awkward angle in my mouth) which made me feel uncomfortable enough not to smile heartily publicly. I had a mind to pull it out, but when I mentioned this to a friend, his girlfriend overheard me and she almost swooned with shock! None of us understood her reaction until she quipped, “that crooked tooth is so beautiful, I love it…it makes you so cute when you smile…please don’t remove it.” We exchanged embarrassed looks – me and my friend. None of us made a comment. But you might not be as lucky as me if your teeth are poorly formed and arranged.

If you have poorly formed teeth, you can rectify them and help get back a ravishing smile by having braces or fitted. These can be ordinary or invisalign braces.  Braces can add a gleam to your personality and smile. However, before you opt for this kind of dental treatment, here are pertinent facts you need to know.

  • There are three major categories of braces namely: clear braces, multicolored braces and invisalign braces.
  • Clear braces are good for adults or senior teenagers.
  • When you wear them, you need not worry because they are made of porcelain and they almost completely disappear into the teeth over time.
  • You can capture the elusive, perfect smile by wearing braces because they will help straighten your teeth with time.
  • For the first few weeks, they are quite unsightly apart from being painful. But what the hell, you need a perfect smile! In this case no pain, no gain.
  • Correcting your teeth formation using braces eliminates the chances of you having dentures fitted in future.
  • Misaligned teeth lead to formation of cavities. When you wear braces, this is completely prevented.
  • Braces allow teeth straightening, correction of bites and 3D control.
  • They can be custom-molded to fit you with special aligners, particularly invisalign braces. The aligners are invisible and they will gradually reposition your smile to perfection.
  • They are comfortable to wear, easy to clean and they can be removed to allow you to eat.
  • You can still wear your braces while eating if you remember to cut the food into tiny bits that can easily be chewed.
  • Avoid certain hard-to-bite foods that can loosen or brake braces such as apples or bagels, chewy foods like caramel or taffy, corn on the cob etc.
  • Chewing ice or bubble gum is a no, no.
  • You can still floss your teeth even when you are wearing braces.
  • As long as you wear a mouth guard, you can participate in any kind of sport.
  • If there are any loose brackets, you can reattach them using orthodontist’s wax. Loose bands can equally be replaced or recemented.
  • Beware of developing canker sores. These are caused by the brushing action inside the mouth. When this happens, see your dentist.

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