10 Ways to Recreate Fabulous Floor Patterns

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Talk of interior design and everyone will think of everything else like furnishing, paintwork, carpets and rugs etc but not the place that matters most – the floor. Surely, isn’t this the workhorse of the home? Give me any single moment when the floor is not in use, and I’ll show you a ghost-house that was abandoned 50 years ago.  It is not surprising that even though we walk over it day in and day out, the floor receives so little of our attention. You might wonder why you have to bother yet there are rugs to cover it. Perfect thought, but even rugs get worn out!

The first place we often think of when we want to dress up with stencils, artwork, wallpaper and paint are always the walls. And this is where we go wrong, but not anymore! Let us take our eyes off the walls for just a minute and concentrate on the horizontal surfaces. What do you see? The sight is not anything to write home about. It sucks, but with these 15 painting tips, you can transform your floor into a dazzling splendor. Who needs a rug anyway when you can hand-paint your floor in the following ways?

  • The bare wood can be so magnificent when it is exposed, but uniformity can be boring especially when you repeatedly try to sand out the imperfections showing through. Why not try your hands by creating a cardboard stencil and painting over it?
  • Add sophistication and charm by painting repeat patterns taken straight out of your geometry lessons. I know you are not good with paint and brushes and so you wouldn’t know how to go about this. Fair enough – hire an expert but own the idea. Better still, a painters tape and paint will see you create classic white, black or yellow color palette.
  • Create your own floral fantasy by stenciling your floor using patterns copied from fabric designs. Flowers on fabric and drapes fade over time but not the marvelous and stunning floral stencil designs you can imitate.
  • Filling a large room with oriental rugs is a pricey affair, but you can save a penny here and there by painting designs inspired by rug patterns. Of course, this will not be soft, but the effect will be amazing.
  • You can as well keep the rest of the room subdued and muted, but enhance the look on the floor by stenciling in vivid and bright colours.
  • Chevron designs are applicable in any room because of their simplicity and sophistication. Try different colour combinations for both subtle and bold looks.
  • Call attention to the floor by blending in colours from the walls and the rest of the rooms by painting horizontal strips in your designs. The result will be spectacular and dramatic regardless of your colour preference.
  • If you are an artist, you can paint and draw various designs on the worn floor rather than ripping them off for fresh replacement.
  • However, if you cannot afford the luxury of painting, you can polish your floor to high sparkle and oily gloss.

Lastly, for this installment, do not skip the initial preparation necessary to prime your floor to receive paint.             Follow all the recommended steps so that you get the best results. OK, it is time to go get your brush!

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