X-ray Inspections For Food and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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A single bad product can create an enormous amount of stress and work for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Fortunately, x-ray inspections can detect a wide variety of problems and provide peace of mind that all items sold are safe and effective. For example, x-ray inspections can detect contaminating glass, bone, metal and plastic particles in food and pharmaceuticals. This assures manufacturers that their products are safe and helps prevent consumer complaints, lawsuits and product recalls.

X-ray Inspections For Food

These inspections can also verify quality by measuring parameters such as the mass of each item and the number of pieces in a container. They can check for proper sealing, adequate fluid levels, intact packaging and missing or damaged pieces. Additionally, they can provide evidence of compliance with official standards set by retailers or safety organizations. Therefore, their advantages extend far beyond those of simple metal detectors. This leads to increased consumer confidence and satisfaction and ultimately an increased market share.

Proper x-ray inspection is completely safe. It does not alter the taste or texture of food or the efficacy of pharmaceuticals. While some people confuse it with food irradiation, it is a distinct process. X-ray inspection uses a much lower dose of radiation compared to irradiation. No special considerations are needed to protect employees from harm as emission levels are extremely low.

This process works successfully on a wide variety of product shapes and sizes. It can be used on solids and liquids made from a variety of materials. It is equally suitable for products before and after packaging.

For example, poor quality nuts, grains or dried fruits can be separated from the remainder before being put into containers for sale. On the other hand, post-packaging options are best for ensuring that containers are intact and properly sealed. These can often be easily implemented at the end of an assembly line and will not slow down production.

X-ray inspection works successfully on a wide variety of product shapes and sizes. Several different x-ray inspection units are available depending on a manufacturer’s needs and the types of goods produced. The machines take up only a small amount of space and meet strict environmental standards. Despite its many options, the software is exceptionally easy to learn and use. An x-ray inspection from Mettler Toledo can help a company implement this process for the first time and understand how to take full advantage of it.

Overall, starting an x-ray inspection system can save a company significant amounts of time and money. It can minimize the number of improperly rejected products and prevent waste. But most importantly, it ensures that only high quality, safe products reach consumers and that companies receive well-deserved positive reputations for their reliable manufacturing practices.