Why Your IT Department Shold Be Writing Blog Posts

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It is now common for almost all businesses to have a website, blog and social media accounts. Many businesses use their blog and social media accounts to make announcements for events, upcoming products and to “Sell” their products and services. With these methods blog readership is usually scarce and is not considered “shareable content”. With the growing need for social acceptance businesses need to step up their game to gain followers and get noticed in this new marketing environment. This new social landscape demands great customer service and constant monitoring to avoid the harsh twitter and Facebook attacks which could harm company reputation and sales very quickly.

 Content marketing has seen a growth spurt in the past year and with the changes to the Google search results ranking program, this demands attention to ensure businesses doesn’t get buried in pages of search results. There was recently a lot of attention brought to the Dove campaign that went viral and was an excellent example of content marketing that brings attention to the brand without pushing any products. This makes it vital to recognize and accommodate the need for good content and start ramping up marketing budgets to accommodate great content writers. One way that businesses can do this affordably is to pass the writing baton around to all departments.

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Why would my IT department be able to write a great blog post?

 The answer is simple, different departments have different areas of expertise in your business and therefore can provide different viewpoints. They do not have to be an excellent writers, they can just write a rough draft and your marketing department can smooth it out for publishing. The idea is by doing this you are creating different content from different authors and giving readers more than just sales-pitch content.

In order to have a great blog you should be providing more than simple 300 word posts which do not engage the reader. Reader engagement is seen when you use factual data, give credit to sources, provide informative links and use unique headlines that catch the readers eye. You can measure this through comments, likes, re-tweets, and shared posts.

Everyone Is Already Busy?

Since everyone in your company is busy you should assign each department one post a month. This will always ensure you have new and innovative content and if the departments are larger they can rotate each month giving each person a sense of authorship and pride in their “spotlight post”. If someone is camera shy another good way to incorporate them is to do an interview post about a topic relevant to your industry or news story.

Another issue might be that everyone does not have a high speed internet connection and/or computer. If you are a manufacturer and you want to include drivers, forklift operators, and other non connected positions in the blog rotation, you still can! They could use a company laptop or a computer that someone isn’t using to get their ideas down. They will not have access to the company blog since the marketing department will be editing the posts and adding relevant images so all they need is to put it in a word document or email.

That Sounds Easy…How Does This Relate To My Company?

Now let’s look at an example of departments that are found in most companies and show some general topic ideas that each department could contribute:

Director/Owner/Management – Industry News, Make Predictions about the Industry, Productivity Tips

Accounting/Finance – Ways To Manage Your Finances, Tax Tips (during tax season)

Human Resources– Tips For Employees in The Industry, Industry Job Outlook, Ways To Improve Employee Performance, Job Search Tips, Resume Tips

Sales – Compare/ Contrast Competitor products, Industry Events, How To Research a Product

Marketing – New Products, Events, General company news items

IT – New industry Technologies, Tips and Tricks For Computers, networking, devices

Of course these are very general; however, it gives you a good idea on how companies can spread the blog love throughout each department. Many companies can benefit from this method as it gives many different topics which will gain a larger reader base enticing readers from different niches. If you are still lost there are many resources online which will get your creativity flowing. There are many great examples of brands that have done this well and even though those may be too much for you to try to accomplish at this point, you will have very motivated people in all departments that may be able to come up with some great ideas now that everyone is involved in the process.