When is it Worth Saving a Marriage?

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With divorce being the easy way out for many couples facing disagreement, it may seem like saving a marriage isn’t worth the hassle. However, many factors come into play that can make a divorce tricky, expensive, and devastating to families. In knowing just when a marriage is worth saving, a couple can explore new options for keeping their marriage whole rather than taking the route of divorce.

Saving a Marriage

Kids can make divorce messy

Split or joint custody, child support, and trying to keep children in a stable environment are things that make divorce difficult when kids are involved. Couples who have young children in particular should consider the repercussions of divorce, such as how long a non-custodial parent will pay child support (and how much), who the children are going to stay with primarily, and who is responsible for medical care and other needs. In weighing the expenses and lack of stability raising children in a divorced environment can cause for both parents, divorce may become a less likely solution.

For couples still considering divorce in the Columbus area, a family law attorney in Columbus can help parents make wise decisions regarding the welfare of their children and other issues related to divorce.

Debt and finances come into play

Even if kids aren’t part of the picture, debt and finances certainly are, and a divorce doesn’t always mean everything being split right down the middle. There are vehicles to consider, student loans and other debts that need to be figured out, and possibly the issue of alimony to be settled in court. Many couples find divorce just too expensive to survive after the fact once they see what debts (or lack of finances) they will be left with, and choose to remain in their marriages as a result.

Marriage is an investment, after all

Perhaps the best way to avoid divorce is for couples to realize why they got married in the first place. Familyeducation.com stresses that marriage is not only an emotional investment, but a financial one as well. Couples should invest in being honest toward one another about their differences, be it over who does what household chore or who handles the finances, and focus on the things that they do well together to help make their marriage work. In investing in a marriage emotionally by allowing each spouse to feel validated in the marriage, a divorce can become less likely.

On that same note, couples who financially invest in their marriage by providing a comfortable house for a family, allowing one another to enjoy vacations, vehicles, and other purchases together, couples can feel more equal in their relationship, whether they have been married for 5 years or 50.

Divorce isn’t the immediate answer

For couples who are struggling both emotionally and financially, they should know that divorce is not the easy and immediate answer they may be craving. Divorce may seem like the wisest option, but often after looking at the many key factors that go into a marriage, divorce is more of a deterrent than a cure.

Couples who are considering divorce can sit down with an expert in family law like Richard D. Palmer. A great divorce lawyer can assist a couple in figuring out the best solution to their marriage by laying out their finances, family needs and wants, and other laws that pertain to their marriage to help guide them to the best decision.

Divorce may not be the easy route it seems, but many couples won’t figure this out until they look at their marriage from all angles. In looking at their finances, family status, and other possible road blocks in their marriage, they can find out if divorce is truly the best decision, or something that can actually make things worse. A great family law lawyer can help couples make the difficult choice between getting divorced and staying married, and can help them feel confident in their overall decision.

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