What You Need to Know About The Road Bike

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The road bike is one of the oldest and most popular types of bicycle there is. This type of bicycle is designed to ride on paved roads and is commonly used for racing. One of the features that make road bikes such as the Eureka Colnago bike range are so popular is their lightweight frames which go a long way in boosting speed on the tracks.

The road bike can be used for racing as well as a commuter bicycle for those people who would rather ride their way around as opposed to driving cars. The handlebars on a road bike are positioned lower than the seats for an aerodynamic posture during cycling. This posture might seem uncomfortable to some people but can help cyclists achieve great speeds.

road bike

Features of a Road Bike

Handlebars — The road bike has had to go through a number of transformations over the past decade as technology advances. The handlebars are curved and positioned lower than the saddle. This provides the cyclist with a lower and smoother stance for better aerodynamics.

Tyres — Tyres on a road bicycle are thin and thus reduce the drag for a faster ride. Beginner cyclists are advised against using these types of bicycles as there is less friction and one can easily loose balance. The tyres are not designed for rough terrain and chances of falling are higher.

Gear System — Newer versions of road bikes come with ten rings on the rear wheel and triple chain rings at the pedals. This makes it easy for the cyclist to ride over hills and different types of roads while maintaining high speeds. Riders also find it easy to shift gears while braking with minimal effort. This is actually one of the features that make this bicycle so popular amongst racers.

When buying a road bike, it is important that you go for one that suits your needs the best. Road bikes come in different sizes and taking time to find one that caters for your individual needs will improve your experience on the road. The internet provides you with a plethora of websites where you can compare bicycles from different manufacturers and learn a thing or two about the best ones to work with.