What To Remember When Preparing Your Leaflet Artwork

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Your printed leaflet is only ever going to look as good as the original artwork so it is important to get it right. Remember that time is money and if you provide something that needs tweaking it is going to increase your costs and will cause delays. Even worse could be that there may be something wrong on the artwork which isn’t spotted before going to press, the job gets printed and the error spotted afterwards! The end result is a heap of waste paper.

Leaflet Artwork

So if you are providing your own artwork it is up to YOU to make sure everything is 100% correct.

So start at the beginning. What software are you going to use? Not all Desk Top Publishing software is suitable for use by professional printing companies. You may have something like Microsoft Word or Publisher but these are really designed for home and office use to produce documents on inkjet printers. Click here to visit the Circle Services website and find what I’d suggest is a fantastic and comprehensive list of software suitable for the submission of artwork. Most documents can be changed to suit but it can lead to unpredictable results such as fonts changing, text and picture boxes moving or colours changing etc.

You also need to prepare the document with a “Bleed”. This means that you need to allow some extra to be trimmed off after printing. If you are preparing an A4 document the finished size is 210mm x 297mm. Most printers like to work with a bleed of at least 3mm so your document ideally needs to be 216mm x 303mm which enables the printer to print on paper of 225mm x 320mm. To show where the trim should be you need to add “crop marks”. These are little lines positioned at the corners and most DTP software will do it automatically for you when saving the document.

When your artwork is finished if you can save it as a PDF file. This is a Portable Document File and is a universally used file type. Not all software enables this though so once again refer to the list at www.circleservices.co.uk to be sure your file type is useable.