What to Ask Before Renting a Car

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If you’ve ever traveled anywhere in the world, chances are that you’ve had to rent a car. For the uninitiated, renting a car seems like a simple process. You just go to a rental company, sign out a vehicle they have on site and you’re good to go. Unfortunately, things are rarely that simple. Like practically every other element of national or international travel, there is more to renting a vehicle than many people realize. Car rental within your own country may be relatively simple, but other countries may have different laws and requirements that have been known to catch international travelers off guard. Even people who have been driving for most of their lives find that renting a car is more trouble than it’s worth. If you must rent a car when you travel, here are some things to keep in mind and some questions you should be asking.

A Few Basic Tips

The experience of renting a car may differ depending on where you go, but there are some things that you should always keep in mind no matter where you are. First of all, the location of the rental company can be very important if you’re trying to save money. Renting a car from an airport location can be 20 to 50 percent more expensive than renting a car from a nearby neighborhood. Do some research to find out if there is more than one rental company where you are traveling. You should also take some quick pictures of your rental vehicle before you take it off the lot. Many rental cars have some dings and scratches, and you will want to be able to prove that your driving wasn’t the cause of them. Some quick pictures with a camera phone or a digital camera should help you with that. Finally, remember that collision coverage isn’t mandatory. Your own car insurance may cover you if you are renting a car domestically, but it will still go up if you are in an accident. Ask for collision coverage for your rental car so your own insurance won’t go up if something goes wrong.

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Car

Before you make any decisions about renting a car during your trip, there are some questions you should always ask the rental agency. First of all, you should be sure of the total cost of renting a vehicle. Ask if there are any fees associated with mileage, insurance, under-age drivers, equipment, and anything else that could raise your total bill. An agency will have to let you know about these fees when asked, and it’s better than allowing them to sneak up on you. You should also know what kind of documentation you will need when renting a car. This isn’t as universal as people think, especially if you are renting a vehicle outside of your own country. In any case, be prepared to show your license, proof of insurance, and proof of address at the very least. Finally, you should ask how late you can return the vehicle. Some agencies require renters to return their vehicles during business hours, but some will allow after-hours drop-offs. Ask if there are any penalties for returning a car late.

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