How to Plan a Restaurant Wedding in Newcastle

How to Plan a Restaurant Wedding in Newcastle

Restaurant weddings allow couples to have the cuisine shine since often, the food can make or break the event. This lets couples choose to have their wedding reception at a premier restaurant, where the chef prepares their specialties or caters to your preferences. Restaurant weddings also offer a splashy wedding without extra cost and work. By having hosting your event at a restaurant, you won... »

rustic wedding

How to Prepare For a Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings are among the most beautiful weddings to take part of. This is because unlike other wedding themes, the rustic ambience offer an air of peace and relaxation, and everybody present is just having a good time celebrating the bond made by the bride and groom. Rustic weddings have become a fad lately, not only because of their country-inspired details, but also for the DIY activities t... »

Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Lines That Just Do Not Work

Ah, the art of crafting the perfect pick up line… For some guys, it just falls painfully short. What guys think is a really good pick up line often makes women go back to her friends and laugh—or worse, leaves her feeling uncomfortable and searching for a way out. Here are some of the most (un)popular pick-up lines and why they don’t get the intended results. • Do You Come Here Often? This is one ... »

Outdoor Wedding

5 Silly Themed Weddings

While many couples opt to forgo the traditional wedding ceremonies of their parents’ and grandparents’ generation, most couples only make subtle changes, perhaps by throwing a casual wedding or writing their own wedding vows. However, some couples have an interest or hobby that they both enjoy so much that they cannot deny the urge to make it into a fun themed wedding. An unusual theme could call ... »

Saving a Marriage

When is it Worth Saving a Marriage?

With divorce being the easy way out for many couples facing disagreement, it may seem like saving a marriage isn’t worth the hassle. However, many factors come into play that can make a divorce tricky, expensive, and devastating to families. In knowing just when a marriage is worth saving, a couple can explore new options for keeping their marriage whole rather than taking the route of divorce. Ki... »

Wedding Pictures

How to Make Sure Your Wedding Pictures Turn Out Great

You and your spouse want to remember the day you got married as one of the best experiences of your lives. You want your wedding pictures to come out as nice as possible. Here are some guidelines from several professional photographers to make sure your pictures come out great: Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time Many people expect their wedding photographer to do all the work. They think that the Wrig... »

wedding day woes six tips to help make your big day a little easier

Wedding Day Woes: Six Tips to Help Make Your Big Day a Little Easier

Weddings can be stressful for the bride and the groom, from the moment a couple gets engaged, plans of all kinds begin to take shape. When you want to make your wedding day easy and stress-free, follow these tips. Stay Organized The best way to have your wedding day plans go smoothly, is to stay organized. Once you make a decision on table settings, book the caterer or find the right band, write d... »

3 Classy Bachelor Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Night

3 Classy Bachelor Party Ideas For An Unforgettable Night

Pop culture often bills the bachelor party as one last chance for debauchery before settling down for a lifetime of marriage – but people who have already settled down and moved past the party scene, or perhaps never really enjoyed that scene in the first place, might want to celebrate their special occasion with something that feels more personal and authentic. Traditional bachelor parties put an... »

wedding ceremony

How Do You Choose The Best Caterer for Your Atlanta Wedding Ceremony?

You have decided to tie the knot. Congratulations! You are no doubt very excited but it is time to get down to some serious work because your wedding ceremony is just round the corner. You will obviously want to make the most important day in your life memorable for everyone you invite. This will require meticulous planning; start by choosing the best caterer in Atlanta. After all, you will have t... »

Don’t Ruin a Wedding with Your Smartphone!

Don’t Ruin a Wedding with Your Smartphone!

In a world that is governed and commanded by social media, it is quite tempting to attend a New Jersey or Florida wedding and use your smartphone to take photos and to capture the events of the day. While some brides and grooms may appreciate your photo-savvy on your smartphone, others may get annoyed and offended. Don’t spoil your friend’s wedding by letting your smartphone become the... »

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