Ways to Become a Novelist

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There are so many young people who would like to be novelists. Some think that this is a really romantic profession; others simply would like to make some money thinking that writing isn’t that complicated. And finally there are those who love doing this, whose life is consists of writing.

Surely, such people require pieces of advice at the beginning of their career path. Can they actually make cash out of being a novelist? Let’s find out.

Now that you have asked yourself this question, probably you chose to become a novelist writer. This is a good decision. For your information, novelists take first positions in the list of fabulous careers of 2013. But do not get all excited. First of all, you need to consider some facts, which is why do not hurry to give a resignation letter to your employer.


It’s Important!

For your information, it takes only 5percent of a talent to write the novel and the rest 95 percent is a very hard work. The only fact that you have chosen to write a novel means that you have enough talent which can be developed. But the most difficult part is actually finishing your writing and begins selling it. The greatest indication is having a few novels written and successfully sold.

The very first sale is quite exciting, but in order to become successful, you need to keep on selling to boost your career. As you know, there are agents and publishers who are involved in the process, but they will require you to write regularly (check this useful post about case studies to see examples). Let’s compare your career to house building: agents and publishers build it while you are giving them a needed supply. If you stop, they will stop with you.

Just imagine this: there are so many, probably thousands, of unfinished novels which are located on computers’ hard drives. The reason why they are over there is because the writers beginners could not manage to complete 95% of a hard work. Do not become one of them: set a goal and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Step #1

No matter what career people choose it requires mastering a few or even more skills, same thing with being a novelist.

Starting from the main idea, it is highly recommended to not rush to the computer once what might seem to be a good idea, pops up in your head as this may become your fatal failure. What you need to do is to develop idea first and only then begin working on it. Remember that you need to create an emotional piece and to do that choose the plot for your statement and the words for the description which can draw a realistic picture in your readers’ mind.

Also, you need to be different: publishers do love it, that is one do not stick to one theme. As a novelist, you need to grow all the time- build your career!

Step #2

Create a plan. For some reason, many writers skip creating the outline. This is a big mistake as lots of novelists abandon their novels because they do not know where the story should go and how they need to continue it. A clear plan will help you to visualize a direction from A to Z.

Still, the most important here is to be very persistent and to work extremely hard on your novel. Unfortunately, these are the skills most beginning writers need to master, that is why think of all pros and cons before deciding to become a novelist as maybe this is just not your cup of tea. In any case, good luck with mastering your dream career.