Using Quality Vineyard Trellis for Optimum Yields

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It takes grapevines several seasons to produce fruit. A grape trellis is used for training and supporting grapevines. They are necessary to keep them away from the ground. The trellis:

  • Must be sturdy and capable of holding large crops
  • Should be able to resist high winds
  • Need to last for 20 years or more with regular maintenance


Different Types of Grape Trellises

There are different kinds of trellis. It is up to an individual to pick the one that he or she feels is right for the vineyard. You could take into consideration factors such as enthusiasm with which you wan to cultivate, cost of construction, and others with regards to the growth and durability of the vines.

There has to be a firm support system that helps the vines in growing. Depending upon factors such as the setting, layout, number of plants, growth habits, soil fertility etc. the trellises can be constructed.

The vineyard trellis (multileveled curtain) wires and T post fencing system is popular among most commercial planters. This system allows machine harvesting. Other trellis support systems include:

  • The Cordon Trellis – Used for vine growth and commercial use of grapes
  • Four Cane Trellis – Where the grape vines spread and extends across and around the wire. No direct sunlight will be received, and thus special care must be taken of the plants

What can be considered as a good grape trellis?

Grapevines need long-lasting training systems to steer them to maturity. A good trellis consists of:

1)      Not having started the construction until preparation of the site has been completed.

2)      Buying the best wire that one can find. It is necessary for you to prepare it yourself with the high-tensile wires. You could also enquire about the PSI and galvanization while purchasing such wires.

3)      It is essential that you know more about steel and wooden posts. They need not necessarily have equal features, although serves similar purposes.

4)      Also, it would help to invest, borrow and share costs with a business partner or a friend. Using tools of lesser quality will not give you the desired result. With better quality, comes better functioning and results.

Tools recommended to be used during the construction of the trellis

One can make use of the following tools.

Braces: They support the structure of the grapevines during the production. Braces are the most important part of the trellis because by building them, the trellis will be strong enough to hold up a bumper crop.

Cutting down costs is not an option when it comes to trellises. The spacing and height of the posts should be as recommended by the fence industry. The load that the post can support will be determined based on its height and depth at which they are placed.

Posts: The posts must be able to support the weight of the crop. In order for this to happen, there must be proper installation. The soil type must also be taken into consideration while doing so. For optimum results, the fence companies have set standards that must be followed in the right manner.

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