Unique Shooting Ranges in the U.S.

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Gun enthusiasts looking for something different might try these shooting ranges that offer weapons practice with a twist. A zombie apocalypse, working out while you shoot, and luxurious facilities include the unique options.

Gun Range


Located in West Chester, Ohio this facility makes light of a possible zombie apocalypse by creating a reality-based adventure where shooters eliminate the undead. The “Zombie Hunt” atmosphere continues growing with gun enthusiasts of all ages. The facility provides an array of handguns and rifles, but guests may bring their own weapons. The guns use non-lethal but ballistically realistic ammunition often used by military and police departments for training. The adrenaline pumping adventure begins as guests make their way through 250 yards of passageways and rooms while saving the planet from bio-terrorists and their flesh hungry creations. Even amateurs join in on the fun, as staff willingly provide instruction if needed.

Green Zone

The concept behind this facility in Chatsworth, California appeals to the environmentally conscious, anyone interested in survival techniques, and the amateur to the expert shooter. Unique features of the building include wood and steel ranges measuring a full four-and-a-half feet wide. A trolley system brings the target to the shooter, but requires a bit of a body workout as tension ranges from easy to difficult. The weapons used on the range also use lead-free, frangible bullets constructed from copper and tin. The location also boasts a dojo and Zen garden. Green Zone offers a variety of classes that include first responder training, fitness training, and self-defense skills. Professionals offer training in the safe use of handguns and rifles.

The Gun Store

Being located in Las Vegas and in business for over 25 years inspires proprietor Bob Irwin with the need to continually evolve. The full-service gun store features an indoor shooting range where customers use lead-free ammunition. The venue offers at least 50 types of weapons ranging from handguns and rifles to machine guns. Guests get the thrill of a lifetime and the chance to bring out their inner “G.I. Joe” by firing semi-automatic weapons. Clients also have the choice of traditional bulls-eye targets to zombies or hostage-themed shooting. The facility humorously offers the rare opportunity for couples to enjoy a “Shotgun Wedding.”

Athena Gun Club

A pair of Christian Louboutin shoes displayed under a glass case alerts clients that a woman owns the facility. The boutique-styled facility resembles a high-class jewelry store with the exception that an array of weaponry replaces precious stones. The guns are on display for the convenience of customers who have permission to handle each weapon. In addition to an indoor shooting range, the gun club also offers a professional simulator that tests a shooter’s reaction times and skills. Professionals provide weapon classes, if desired, in addition to instructing clients in the use of pepper spray or TASERs. For the convenience of guests, the facility provides a comfortable, expansive lounge equipped with plush leather furnishings, big screen TV, and Wi-Fi access. Relax and socialize in the lounge with refreshments and snacks from the club café.

Machine Guns Vegas

The recently opened 10,000-square-foot space combines the glitz and glamour of Sin City with the love of firearms. Picture-perfect models greet guests, act as hostesses, and manage the shooting ranges in this Las Vegas facility. Inventory spans $1 million worth of weapons that range from the most modern weapons to historic WWII guns. Other unique features include the chance to choose a particular shooting experience with a designated set of weapons that might include personifying a femme fatale, WWII combat soldier, Navy Seal Team member, or living a popular gaming scenario.

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