Traveling With Kids? 10 Essentials You Need

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Be it a California athletic scout or a New Jersey baby photographer who travels for gigs, some parents are on the road with their children almost constantly. Other parents travel with kids only for special occasions. Either way, traveling with young children is often rewarding and fun, but it can also be exhausting. To make any trip with kids go more smoothly, bring along the following ten essentials.

1. Kid-sized Luggage

If your young children have their own piece of luggage, they can get whatever they need without bothering the adults in the front seat of the car. Having snacks or favorite toys right at their fingertips is likely to make them less cranky on long car rides, too. And children’s luggage almost always keeps parents more organized overall.

2. Music Player and Headphones

Music has a powerful effect on young travelers. Favorite tunes soothe them; music makes time pass faster and makes a long road more tolerable. And if your MP3 player can play videos, all the better.

3. Baby Carrier

Wearing a baby carrier keeps your hands free, which makes buying a train ticket or going through airport security much more convenient.

4. Snacks

Favorite snacks comfort young children and puts them at ease in unfamiliar environments. The food airplanes and highway rest stops serve, on the other hand, just might not appeal to your kids.

5. Spare Shirts

If your child is prone to carsickness or airsickness, keep an extra T-shirt on hand that he or she can change into should a bout of nausea strike. Spare shirts can make trips much more pleasant for everyone involved.

6. New Toys

If you give your children toys they have never seen before, they are likely to be enthralled, and much less likely to feel fussy or cranky.

7. New Books

As with new toys, a new book can stimulate a child’s curiosity and provide sustained entertainment. Books that are especially exciting children are popup books, books that make sounds and books with plenty of large and colorful pictures.

8. Special Blanket

A cuddle buddy blanket, which has attached to it the head of a friendly-looking animal, is a warm and inviting item for a young child. If children are feeling listless, such blankets are sure to cheer them up instantaneously. It is almost like bringing an extra friend along for the journey.

9. Pillow

When a child’s head touches a pillow that he or she is used to from home, the feeling is comforting and he or she is much more likely to fall asleep faster, whether in the backseat of a car, at Grandma’s house or in a hotel room.

10. Baby Wipes

These wipes are handy even if your children are out of diapers. Whenever something spills, or whenever a hand touches something dirty and potentially germ-ridden, just whip out a wipe and you have a tool for instant cleanup.

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