Top Ways to Make International Calls in 2013

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While overseas vacations were once reserved for the rich and famous, today budget flights, cheap hotels, and a greater awareness of world geography means record numbers of us travel abroad every year. Furthermore, the business world has shrunk, with more and more companies utilizing overseas resources to improve their bottom line.

As the world has grown smaller, the desire to make cheap international calls has skyrocketed, especially in the current economic climate. For those looking to make cheaper overseas calls, here are some things you should consider.

Make International Calls


If you’re planning on calling family, friends or business associates abroad, there are a number of ways you can find cheap international calls:

Internet Calls – As the internet has grown into a global phenomenon, it’s made many once difficult tasks that much easier. Today it is possible to call overseas for free, utilizing software like Skype.

Calling Plans – With immigration and emigration so widespread, domestic telephone suppliers are realizing that there is a huge market for international calls, and as such are creating a wider number of specialist calling plans.

‘Local’ Call Providers – Some companies have made it possible to purchase a local number in a variety of different countries. This number can be used to make calls to that country which are then charged at a local rate, despite being made from abroad. There’s nothing like feeling like you’re a local.


If you’re planning a business trip, an extended vacation, or planning a round-the-world adventure, the cost of calling home can put a real damper on things. However, it shouldn’t. Just take advantage of the following:

Calling Cards – A longtime favorite with travelers, these cut the cost of overseas calls dramatically.

Internet Cafés – If you’re not lugging your computer with you, spend an hour in an internet café and phone home using Skype or other free software.

‘Local’ Call Providers – As above, a local number can save you a lot of money. Purchase a local number in your native country and then phone it from wherever you are in the world, all for the cost of a local call. Cheap international calls have never been so accessible.