Top Vacation Spots in Canada

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Canada is a country with plenty on offer for travel opportunities, whether you are a Canuck or reside outside its borders. You have exciting cities, small towns oozing with history, and a variety of natural settings, from breathtaking mountains to shimmering lakes. Here are a few of the top spots to take your family in the lovely country of Canada.


Vancouver is known for many things, from its abundance of sports activities to its cultural attractions. You can ski on Grouse Mountain, spend your days strolling through Stanley Park, sample authentic cuisine from all over the world, or simply browse at one of its many outdoor markets.

Banff and Lake Louise

If stunning natural beauty is high on your list of vacation destination strong points, the area of Banff and Lake Louise will not disappoint. The scenery is so breathtaking you may wonder for a second if it is real. Besides taking in the beauty, you can get in a nice round of golf or take the family on a wildlife-watching hike. Then go back to your luxury hotel for a relaxing spa treatment.


If you love culture, you will love Montreal; this world-class city is located in the province of Quebec, and has something for everyone, whether you are on your honeymoon, a backpacker or traveling with the kids in tow. There are always a host of activities and festivities on tap in this amazing city, so be sure to visit the Ville de Montreal for a up-to-date schedule of happenings.

Quebec City

While a great spot for any tourist, this is a particularly good pick for a romantic getaway. You can set the mood by dining in a romantic restaurant, sipping on fine wine; afterwards, take a horse-drawn carriage ride throughout this city dotted with 17th and 18th century architecture. Many have said it is like a mini-Paris, where you can walk down the cobblestone streets and smell fresh bread baking and espresso brewing.

Niagara Falls

While some say the area is overloaded with kitsch, it is still one of the most popular spots in all of Canada for honeymooners and every other type of traveler. The Falls are a sight that will not disappoint, and there are plenty of other things to do as well, from great shopping to gigantic indoor amusement parks. If you love fine dining, head over to Niagara-on-the-Lake, which is only about 20 minutes away and is home to a host of diverse and quality restaurants.


If you love being near the water, Halifax is a great location. This area has a very interesting maritime history, which you will have the opportunity to learn all about during your stay. The historic wharf is a centerpiece of Nova Scotia’s capital, and here you can find plenty of shopping, eating and a host of other activities.


Toronto is an eclectic melting pot, where you can find pockets of people from all over the world, such as India, Korea and Greece. Walking around the different neighborhoods is like taking a trip through the world. Like any city its size, the list of attractions, activities and dining opportunities are abundant.

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