Top 7 Fashionable Watches For Women

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So you are in the market for good quality women’s watches; well, here are a few brands and models that you might want to go through before making an ultimate pick!

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• Marc by Marc Jacobs

If you are looking for a classy wristwatch that can be worn out to almost any kind of occasion, then make sure you check out this model. This wristwatch comes with a round case with a rubber strap that gives it a rather chunky look. It has matching golden studs on its face which go perfectly with the pins on the rubber strap. The numbers on the wristwatch give a 3D effect. Priced at £185, this wristwatch is certainly the best you’d ever come across in its class!

• Casio Sheen women’s wristwatch

Casio Sheen model wristwatch is quite popular for its crystalline looks. It is a diversion from the usual digital stretch-band wristwatches produced by this amazing watch manufacturer. The Casio Sheen has many advanced features and functions that can help you out in different situations. The smart options along with the unique stylish looks make it an inevitable and flashy component of your wardrobe!

• Watches for women from Omega

Omega has some of the most elegant watches for women. Go around and take a look at the constellation of watches, which are quite well known among wristwatch lovers for unique design and functions. It contains some of the latest additions with dazzling designs and advanced features like chronometers that help you out immensely.

• Fossil brand of watches for women

If you are on the lookout for timeless classics, then go for Fossil watches. Nothing can turn out more pleasing and elegant than a leather-strapped clean watch from Fossil. The Stella multi Steel Watch is a great piece that provides outstanding features and options to the wearer. This wristwatch comes in stainless steel combined with a glowing white dial. This wristwatch is much recommended for those who always like to stand out in the crowd.

• Nixon watches for women

Nixon has been offering some of the best timepieces of all times – more particularly for women. The Time Teller P Watch is certainly a great choice. It is something that you can gift to your fiancé, wife or your daughter. This wristwatch comes in white color with a golden circle on its case. It is a nice, stylish and reliable wristwatch.

• Hermes watches

Hermes watches are seen very commonly on the wrists of celebrities and famous persons. Fashion editors often recommend Hermes to get that stylish and classy look with almost any kind of attire. Check out wristwatch models like Cape Cod to get a taste of what Hermes is like!

• Chanel watches

Chanel watches for women are an awesome choice for fashion fanatics. They are as stylish and amazing as Hermes watches but come loaded with modern technology. Wristwatch models like White Ceramic Bracelet Watch and the Black Dial Watch are excellent choices. They are scratch resistant as well as water resistant for up to 200 meters.