Top 5 Reasons to Sail the Eastern Mediterranean

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Sailing just about anywhere can be an adventure. Travelling from place to place while the wind pushes you further towards your next destination can awaken your soul and put you back in touch with nature, with the sea.

 The relaxing holiday continues whether you’re eating the traditional cuisine on the waterfront, sunbathing on deck or dipping into the Aegean Sea for a snorkel. Whatever your preference a yacht holiday, the Eastern Mediterranean has exactly what you are looking for. Check out these top 5 reasons to sail the Eastern Mediterranean and start planning your next holiday.

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  1. The crystal clear waters. From the Adriatic Sea and Aegean Sea, the gorgeous waters are perfect for reliable winds, protected harbours, anchorages and more. Anchor down near a reef for a dip or snorkel session.
  1. Multiple destinations. One of the best reasons for sailing the Eastern Mediterranean is the ability to travel to various places. Plan your holiday to cruise from one stunning location to the next. Visit Turkey, Croatia and Greece all in one extensive yacht adventure.
  1. So much history. Every city that you travel to is full of ancient architecture, ruins and world history. Greece is home to Byzantine castles, amphitheatres and more.
  1. You will have some of the best food of your life when travelling through the Eastern Mediterranean. Indulge in the fresh seafood, yogurt-based sauces, delicious cheeses, chickpeas and lamb dishes from all different regions. Each place has their own traditions and recipes so don’t miss out.
  1. The climate. Most of the Eastern Mediterranean has warm summers and mild winters, which makes sailing in this region perfect just about all year round. The water is almost always warm enough for a quick dip, but if not, lounging on the deck with a good book is as equally satisfying. The winds, for the most part, are completely enjoyable throughout the seasons, making for ideal sailing conditions.

If you are on the fence about where to travel for your next holiday, consider chartering a yacht and sailing through the Eastern Mediterranean. There are many ports and cities that are the home to lively bars, authentic restaurants, sandy beaches and fun shopping.