Top 3 DIY Hairstyles for Long Locks

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The bob and the pixie are probably trending the hottest these days in the hair styling world. However, the long hair still stands as the ever green chic and classic. Whether it is the sculpted and elegant retro curls or it is the sexy and tousled beach waves, long hair can never get out of style. Despite of this fact, a lot of the girls with long hair usually find themselves lost in the slump whenever it comes to hair styling. If you are someone on a similar front, then do not worry. Because here is a compilation of best and the latest hair inspirations that will instantly whip your medium or long locks in to the ultra glam and stylish celebrity hairstyles. Read on to know more.


  1. Do it half

This is one of the simplest as well as the prettiest hairstyles you can achieve with long hairs. Rock a half down or a half up, simply does it your way. Then whether you are going for a small sun bath at the beach or have to attend any kind of big or small, formal or informal gathering, this hair style will never disappoint you. As far as your aim is to achieve a simple, sophisticated as well as an elegant look, tying your hair half up or half down will not do any harm to the rest of your appearance. This quick look with sweet and sexy side is not only easy but also complements almost any body type or facial features. However, in order to bring the most of your half do, make sure to treat your long locks with a prior dose of pampering. Wash them properly especially if you plan to go to the sea. Such a measure will aid in retaining the natural oils of the hair thereby making them smooth and shiny.

  1. Smart and messy

Yes, messy can be beautiful sometimes. Nothing can be as dreadful for a girl than having a bad hair day. Waking up in the morning with bad hair has been a girl’s nightmare since ages. Well, here is a quick and easy solution. If you lack time in the morning to style your hair, then simply keep them down. Blow-dry them and treat with a quick tousle. Once this is done, apply and set them with a little hairspray and your are all set to rock. In order to provide an extra shine to your hair or to fight the afternoon frizz, treat your hair with extra TLC just before blow drying them.

  1. Keep it sleek and straight

If you have extra long tresses, then the best as well as the easiest way to showcase them is by keeping them sleek and straight. You can also indulge in some hairstyles that boast of a super straight look. Though many people intercept such a kind of hair style as a simple one, but it would certainly help you in stealing the show thereby making you the evening showstopper. Nothing can be more sexy and elegant than long, sleek and shiny hair. However, in order to maintain the healthiness and natural beauty of your hairs, do not miss on using heat protect ant hair serums and hairsprays before exposing your lovely hair to any form of hot iron or any other straightening tool.  You could also try speaking to your hairdresser to find all the salon supplies you need. If you are not comfortable with the all sleek and straight look, you can also try adding semi-curls in your hair thereby giving them a wavy and free persona. Full curls on the other hand are used for more dramatic looks.

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