Tips for Part Time College Students to Excel in the Classroom

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As a part time college student you likely carry a heavy workload. Maybe you are working overtime to put food on the table and pay for tuition, or perhaps you are a busy mom dealing with the demands of raising a young family. In either case the temptation to put college studies on the back burner remains strong in the mind of even the most resolute student. You just know that you should study harder, and longer, and make every single class, but your priorities are out of order. You simply are holding too strong onto other aspects of your life, forgetting why you are taking a part time course load in the first place.

Dwell on the reason why you want your college degree. You might want to become a teacher, or maybe you want to grow an offline business, or perhaps your new degree will help you receive a promotion or maybe you can make a new career change by getting your college diploma. In each case you are tapping into some form of freedom which you currently seek. Knowing this reason helps you to kill your habit of making excuses while getting on purpose with your part time course load, because you are taking the classes for a very important reason, a reason tied to you being free. Remember this when you want to skip class or mail it in when study time comes around. Having this overpowering motivator in place can change your life dramatically as you will take whatever steps are necessary to effectively hit your studies hard and succeed in the classroom despite maintaining a heavy workload professionally.

The Main Issue to Get Past – Your Number One Duty

The main issue with most people is that they fail to dream for any sustained period time, so their dreams are dominated by the circumstances in their lives and because of this they experience the same circumstances again and again. Imagine someone living a similar day, day after day, month after month and year after year. This is most people, really, and the reason for this is because you simply do not take the time to engage in detailed dreaming, so you continue to struggle, to fight in order to get past the same old circumstances. If you saw yourself succeeding in the classroom, and dreaming of what you would do with your college degree, receiving a pay raise or doing whatever you want to do with your life, you would have no issues remaining motivated when obstacles arose. This is because you would be that much more motivated to blast through resistance and attend class after working for 14 hours,  or to set aside study time even though you just worked a double shift. When you dream, and your dream feels more real and real with each day, you do not worry about sleeping a few hours less or giving up your favorite TV show. You see your dreams and your dreams are your guide.

Sit Front and Center to Remain Alert in the Classroom at All Times

Part time students are often exhausted, trying like heck to grab any moment or minute of sleep as this crowd tends to work long or strange hours. Sitting front and center in the class forces you to focus in on your teacher’s lectures. This not only keeps you awake, it also leads you to really concentrate on the material being presented, which of course helps you retain your lectures and improve your test scores. Sit in a high profile spot and remain alert.

Use these tips to excel in the classroom as a part time student today.


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